Friday, January 9, 2015


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That was Honey Do's descritption of his ride to work this morning. There was three or four inches of snow on the driveway and the wind is blowing again after yesterday's reprieve. My fear that winter would hit us with a vengence in January after the early snow in November is proving true. Some of the trials of living in Northeast Ohio. 

Another good day to stay at home and work on projects. As cold as yesterday was (+3 deg. F when we went out, I think the high was +7), Newton and I took a trip to the library. I printed patterns, he played MineCraft and searched for some videos to watch, and we grabbed lunch at Taco Bell to eat at home. 

As usual, I have several things in the works. I put in a little time on Tilda and will continue working on tying that quilt today.

I spent yesterday evening drawing off and cutting out a new project.

I'm starting to play with wool felt. This design is called Blessing of the Month (I have the link on my sidebar). The last thing I did was a last year and it came out so-so.

But I wanted to try something new and when Michelle presented Blessings, I wanted to try. The beauty of this "block of the month" is that you choose which months to participate. Each month is its own project. You can purchase a kit or just the pattern. A new project is published the first of each month. 
So today I'll alternate between Blessings and Tilda and watch the snow fall and a movie or two. Hope your day is warm and cozy too.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I wanted to stay home another day, but at least it was sunny and low thirties! Also my trip the library and lunch treat, as well as pay a bill, deposit in bank, and check Goodwill 50% off yellow tags - which turned out to be worth it - for my son! LOL

I like the wool project and think the last one is great! I don't have time to add that back in right now - maybe when SSS is finished in the spring.

Anonymous said...

lovely projects

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

I've been touching those felted blog kits at my local store, but have yet to purchase one. After reading your blog today I just might get one to try :D