Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 4th weekend

My weekend preparations began a while ago. I worked hard for the last few weeks trying to get my gardens done so that I could enjoy not just the weekend, but the rest of the summer. Not finished yet, but much closer to that eventual goal.


I had a gorgeous visitor to my vegetable garden.
This butterfly is called Painted Lady. It's the first time I've seen one. Honey Do tracked down her name for me. She's enjoying the marigolds that border the garden.


Things are growing beautifully, although we could use a lot more rain.
On the left, zucchini (down the center), bush beans (right), radishes are blooming and going to seed (far right), parsley (foreground).
Lettuce is coming up (right photo) along with cucumber.


At the beginning of the week, I purchased a set of obelisks at Aldi. The pair were only $8. This is the smaller of the two making residence in my front flowerbed. On the porch, I have a pot of geraniums that were clearanced for $1.00 !!! There are no blooms yet, but lots of new growth. 


More clearance plants. One the left, zinnia's. Pink and yellow. They were 6-packs at a dollar each.
On the right, lantana. They were also clearance for $1.00 :)
It was a good week at the garden center :)

We did get rain on Thursday. Rocky wasn't too impressed.

I was hungry for cake. So I used a box mix and made my version of a "firecracker" cake. It hit the spot :)


I really wish they wouldn't grow up to be so destructive to my gardens because these two little princesses are just adorable !!!
These are the "twins".
I've named this one Miss Curiosity. As I was snapping pictures of them, she just kept getting closer. She wanted o know what I was about. We converse almost daily. She's not too afraid of the dogs until Mama comes closer and warns the dogs to back off.

I have done as much as I can do for Vacation Bible School for now, so I was able to pull out some stitchery. I really didn't want to start anything new. Honey Do wanted to go out and lay in the hammock. We promised each other that we would take time to relax this weekend. So between loads of laundry on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I did some stitching on Mountmellick. I started this about a year ago and never finished it. The whole purpose of this project is to learn new stitches. Progress is slow, but at least I'm working on it again.

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Anonymous said...

A boy and his dog. =) I wondered what happened with the Mountmellick! Glad to see it make an appearance again. Your garden is doing so well, and its so appealing. I love lantana, but I quit growing them because they just die every winter. In Arizona, of course, they grow year round and spread to cover huge areas, if you let them. And I always let them. =) Your vegetables are going to be so wonderful as you begin your harvesting. We had a decent rainfall between showers yesterday and today, but my flowers (except the beloved sedum that just keeps growing and is starting to bloom!) are all looking sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Edith wow you have such a lovely garden and love those pics of the deer,so cute ....