Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday Night Sew-In

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I'm going to be working on my goal list for this month. Can you believe that it's the middle of May? ! At least this month I feel like I've at least given my goals some steady attention. It's been a pretty productive year. And I'm not the only one from all of your blog posts.

I met Mom today for our Mother's Day breakfast. We weren't able to meet on Sunday so we did it togay. It was really nice to sit and chat, uninterrupted, drinking coffee and enjoying breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. We even got soup to go so we wouldn't have to cook dinner for at least one meal.

Mom surprised me with a small gift.

This little mohair kitten (about 3 inchest long) was a gift to my mom from her grandmother (father's mom) for Christmas back in 1956 just before she left Germany to come to Canada with her family. I'm the only one that knows the whole story behind this little trinket, which makes it so much more valuable to me. She gave it to me today to make sure that I ended up with it. I am so very blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my Mom. I don't know what I would do with her company, generosity and counsel. We truly are best friends.

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