Monday, March 27, 2017

Goals for week ending March 25, 2017

It's been one of those weeks - although, lately, they seem to all be "one of those weeks".

How was your week?
Mine . . .

Monday - Bible Study and the dryer broke. That was after using it on Sunday with no issues . . . 

Tuesday, Children's program and errands, including dropping off my Aunt's sewing machine for repair (which was long overdue). . . 

Wednesday, I worked . . . 

Thursday was great :) Mom and BF. I had great visits with both of them and have missed them horribly. I never realize how much until I spend time with them, then I miss all the missed opportunities. However, visiting with both of them led me to some decisions I have been putting off and have now been made.

Friday, you guessed it, work again. 

And here it is the weekend again. 

The positives: the parts for the dryer arrived several days earlier (Saturday) than expected (Tuesday). So I got it cleaned up and Honey Do did the repairs. By the evening I was drying clothes.

I also had some sewing time after my chores were done :)

That takes us to my goals for this week:

1. Growing Up QAL - no progress made
- make block
- email completion

2. Easter stitchery
- finish stitching first block (of three) - DONE

3. Welcome
- finish tracing design - DONE

mount on frame

4. Redwork
- quilt row one - no progress

5. He is Risen
- finish wall hanging - DONE :)

Goals for the week ending April 4, 2017

 (WOW !!! It's April already !!!)

It's spring break this week, so Newton is home. I'm minimizing my list because there will be other things we do.

1. Redwork
- quilt row one

2. Growing Up QAL
- construct block
- email link

3. Picket Fence
- complete stitching on first half

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a week filled with creativity and productivity.

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