Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring forward . . .

We have some rather obvious signs confirming that spring is just around the corner:

March is here and 12 days until spring begins . . .

Lent has begun . . 

and time change.

As you know, I haven't been on my "A" game this past week. I have never had a cold so bad or last so long. Someone even asked me if it might be pneumonia, but I didn't go to the doctor to find out. So it may well have been. Honey Do did a fabulous job making sure I was taking medication and getting plenty of rest.
I am finally back to my normal self and will be getting back into the thick of things come Monday.

I did make sure to carve out some time over the weekend to get some things accomplished along with spending some fun time with Honey Do and Newton.
Giant Eagle is our local "big box" grocery store and they built a new, specialty store not far from us. It has all the "fun" departments: ready made food, coffee shop, beer and wine expanded department, bakery, sea food, carry out, dine in, and cooking classes. It ended up being a fun way to spend a couple of hours, try some new things and pick up some odds and ends.

Along with spring and time change, comes the warm up and melt down of snow and ice.

It will be getting a lot messier before it gets better. The backyard will become a big mud pit with the thaw and the dogs running around and playing. We'll get through it . . . it's an annual event.

On the crafting and sewing front, I have my apron for the swap done. I can't show you a picture before my partner gets to see it, but will as soon as it's been delivered. It was a fun project and I'm glad I have the opportunity to participate.

(images taken from internet)

I also managed to make 20+ blocks for my 9-patch swap.

And time working on the House quilt that I would like to have finished this month for A Lovely Year of Finishes goal (link on the sidebar).

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

You are starting the spring season of with a bang! I'm still waiting for something to arrive so I can make my apron, but it should be fast when it does. I look forward to seeing yours later. Some cute ones you showed! Looks like you are on track for AYOLF, too! I don't look forward to the wet that's coming this week. I don't have animals, but that's just a lot of water on water-logged dirt. Luckily, I life on a hill. Luckily now, but not when it's icy! Glad you are feeling better!