Monday, November 20, 2017

Goal Report for November 13, 2017

First a word from

our weather !!!

We got some visible, almost measurable, snow on Sunday after all the wind and rain. Temperatures dropped, it's not going to last. We are looking forward to 50s by mid week. Thanksgiving day is looking pleasant for traveling.

On to my goals. I have had the most productive week I've had in quite a while.

1. Joe's quilt - making progress
- layout - DONE


- begin sewing - that's scheduled for Monday.

- finish Block 2 - DONE

- begin Block 3 - DONE

- assemble Blocks 1 and 2 - DONE

- download pattern for Block 4 - DONE
(and drawn off)

3. Adult PJs
- pull patterns - DONE
- purchase additional fabric - DONE
- cut out patterns - not yet
- begin sewing - not yet

4. Needlebook - not yet


Holly Cottage Christmas
A really good friend inspired me to purchase this pattern. Said friend has suggested that I begin where the SAL is and catch up at the end. I, of course, thought this was a great idea :)
To that end, I purchased necessary fabric and began by cutting out the background blocks and pulling the floss. I also managed to pull together all the small Christmas prints I have in my stash.

A VERY productive week !!!

Goals for the week of November 20, 2017

1. Joe's Quilt
- begin sewing

- finish stitching Block 3
- begin stitching Block 4
- assemble Block 3

3 Additional PJs (formerly known as Adult PJs - yes, there are more kids' PJs to make)
- cut out patterns/fabric
- begin sewing

4. Needlebook
- cut out, sew

5. Holly Cottage Christmas
- begin drawing off designs

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were way ahead in the PJ game this year. What happened? LOL Can't have December without PJs to make! I'm so excited to see what your blocks look like. This is a great quilt, and you will love all parts of it, I think. You have a lot of things going on, but you did a lot last week. Your Love of Home blocks look wonderful!