Friday, January 6, 2023

Blog Writing Challenge - How the Week Went

 Blog Writing Challenge - Day 2

Sewing Space

It's a mess!!!!

I set up my space when we moved in after painting the walls a really light grey. The room had carpeting and it was driving me crazy because my chair wouldn't roll across it.


Then we had issues with water coming in. I'm in the basement. Honey Do got this brilliant idea to epoxy the floor. Issues resolved. Another wonderful idea of his was to add shelving to the walls. Three of four walls have some kind of shelving/storage. I LOVE IT :)


These are taken from the doorway to the room. Tables are in the center of the room and accessible from all sides. The wall of shelves holds all my embroidery and wool applique projects and patterns. The three drawer stacks on the floor hold all the wool fabrics.


This wooden table holds projects that have been stitched and just need finished. Those have priority, so they can be finished and I can put this table away and free up the space.



This metal shelving unit holds more embroidery supplies and projects.

The center unit holds scrap fabrics. There are more, they just haven't been unpacked yet.

The unit on the floor with the red front is the radiator and the unit on the left holds my fabric stash. I think most of that has been unpacked.

The closet wall - contains pretty much everything else. Backing fabric, projects kitted, batting, interfacing, thread, buttons, ribbon and UFOs. There was enough wall space above the close for Honey Do to attach these wooden crates and they now hold all my yarn supplies. I only purchase enough yarn for a project so it can't ever get out of control.

Finally on this wall, the entertainment unit. These are the only fabrics that I have separated from my stash. They include Tilda and Tula Pink :) I belonged to a Tilda subscription box for a few years and this is all the fabric I've collected and everything else from those boxes. I haven't really done anything with it yet, so I keep it separate. As for Tula Pink, there's only a specific collection or two that I found fabrics on clearance. I don't necessarily want everything she produces, but there are certain ones I really like. I also purchased a quilt kit that I'll get around to eventually.

And the tables. This is where everything seems to collect, where my sister and I spend the majority of our time together, where I do my Bible study, pay bills and write my blogs (again).

It's a goal this month to get it cleaned off and work on more projects.


And I did !!!
I needed it to trim Maggie so I can get her bound.



How the week went 

1.  Blog more consistently
Check - This is post number two.
Number three is in the works :) 

2. Embroidery/Stitching - probably my favorite past time.
- Daisy Days BOM (Elefantz designs)
Check - two blocks were drawn off
- Crazy Quilt (started several years ago, time to finish)
Check - pulled out the block to be worked on. Accessing what stitches to do next.

3. Color Block Challenge - January is pink
Check - Found a box that had 12 blocks done !!!
Forgot to take pictures. I think I maybe able to get three baby quilts quilts made from them. 

4. UFO/OMG (one monthly goal)
 - Maggie's First Dance (Jacquelynne Steves)
Check, check and double check :)
Major happy dance here. The quilt is quilted and working on the binding. Should be done this weekend.


5. Sew - one garment per month (I have lots of apparel fabric I want to use)

6. Crochet 
- baby afghan (gift)
- grocery tote
 I got some crocheting started.

7. Quilt - one baby quilt (donation)
8. Read - at least one book per month
Check - The Beach House Book 1 by Mary Alice Monroe, began the second.
Swimming Lessons Book 2 in the series
9. Any extra accomplishments
Check - I got this cute little Christmas design stitched and finished for next year. Pattern was a freebie from Flamingo Toes.

Hope you all had a productive week. 






Susan said...

Wow, Edi, I loved the studio tour~that Joe is a keeper, and does good work. This is the kind of stuff I miss the most about Paul ... also a keeper and good worker. =) I can now really visualize where you are working. Do you have a comfortable stitching chair, or you take it upstairs to let the dogs annoy you? LOL

You accomplished so much this week. No matter how much we text, a blog helps to see things more clearly. =)

I don't see a subscription button so I can know when you post.

Moira said...

Love the studio tour. Wish I had the size space that you've got (never mind the fact that half or more of my trailer is dedicated to my quilting....LOL). Yeah for getting the quilt almost done.