Monday, January 23, 2023

Day 6 - Blog Writing Challenge; Week's Progress

 Day 6

Oldest Project

That's an easy one:  Trip Around the World Quilt AND the hand pieced, hand quilted wall hanging.

I LOVE the Trip Around the World quilt. It's actually one of my favorites from the ones I've made. It also took me the longest to make.

 Back story: This is one of those quilts that was supposed to be done in a weekend. Yes, two days. A friend had talked me into doing it with her and her mom at a local quilt shop.
It is also the first and only one of two quilts that I went and purchased fabric specifically for. Every other quilt I used fabric from my stash, because they all came years later and I had years of collecting since working at two different fabric stores. At the time, I worked for JoAnn Fabrics and had never made a quilt. Unfortunately, I ran out of fabric for one of the colors and couldn't find any more. So I put it away . . . for 20 years !!

In the meantime, I got more involved in quilting and had made several quilts. And I acquired some much need experience. I think it was part of the One Monthly Goal challenge that I decided to pull it out and figure out how to fix and finish this quilt. I did and now it adorns the bed in the guest room because it's a small quilt, twin size I think. But I also think it is a very happy quilt with the bright, primary colors.

I know you are going to ask: how did I fix my problem. It was so simple I almost hate to tell you. I simply had to remove an end row. It didn't throw off the design and I could make up the difference in size by adding a border, which I did.

LOL, I spent a lot of time fretting over how I was going to find the fabric and finish this quilt! Problem was easily solved, it just took 20 years to figure it out.

The other project. I was the final sign up for a class or we couldn't do the class in our store. A co-worker taught the class. It was all about hand quilting. We made a four block wall hanging. I got to the point where I was hand quilting, but never finished it. It is still not done, so technically it is my oldest project. I pick it up every once in a while and do some quilting on it.

Taking the picture today, I realized I'm quilting the fourth block, some sashing probably needs done and that the border then it will be ready for binding. The goal of getting it done this year is doable. I just need to keep my focus.

I'm hoping to finish it this year, finally.


Goals for Jan. 14-20 

1. Daisy Days - draw blocks 8 and 9  



2. Crazy Quilt BOM - begin stitching  


3. Sew one garment - finish this week  

Not done, but made some progress

4. Grocery tote #2 - finish this week  

Not done

5. Baby afghan - finish this week  



6. Baby quilt - applique block 

DONE, still needs quilted but top is done


7. Sister time - Assemble quilt block for new quilt 


I wish you could see this in person, it's gorgeous


- Finish Woolie Gnomes block 1 

Not done, but made some progress. Actually, we decided last week to stitch the tree area, and this coming week the gone, so I guess it is done.

Goals for Jan. 23 - 28

1. Daisy Days 

- tint the blocks



- continue stitching


3. Baby Quilt

- sandwich/baste

- begin quilting


4. Grocery tote #2

- finish


5. One Gift

- make


6. Woolie Gnome

- finish stitching the gnome


7. Sister Time

Shop Hop BOM

- cut out block 2, assemble

Woolie Gnome

- assemble block 2


Final push to month's end. 


Wasn't it just New Year's Eve???



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