Monday, February 17, 2014

Another visit from Old Man Winter

This is how my week is starting.  You have to love the weather in the northeastern U.S. We have a snow storm coming in tonight - over night. By Thursday, we are expecting thunderstorms and rain and 50 degrees (F) and then back down into the 30s on Friday. Is your head spinning yet? It's been an interesting weather winter for us.

Today is Presidents' Day. As a child I remember doing art work and studies on Presidents Washington and Lincoln, but other than that it seems like today is only a day to close government offices, the post office, and the schools and to have an excuse to run a sale at the furniture stores and car dealerships.

Newton and I had a pleasant day. He helped Honey Do out by trying to get as much ice off the driveway as he could before the next storm comes through. I did more laundry, dishes and worked on Block 2 of Bethlehem.  So very excited with my progress. This block is going very quickly - must be all the bright colors.

Something else I'm very excited about is the next block from Little Miss Shabby.

Can't wait to dive in. It's very satisfying to work on a project and be on time :) I'm usually collecting and organizing and searching for missing parts and pieces. This one, I'm keeping up with the blog. Love it.

So, back to Bethlehem for me.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative week.


Anonymous said...

You have some good things mapped out for the week. I really do like the Bethlehem quilt, but have never tried to get copies of the patterns for some reason. Laziness on my part, probably. =) Stay warm!

e said...

I loved the quilt the first time I saw it on I got in touch with Wendy (Sugarlane Quilts) and she helped us figure out how to get it. Not being in Australia, I had to order the first block from a digital magazine supplier, but it didn't allow me to print the pattern, so I got in touch with Natasha and she very generously got it to me. I have been in touch with her too so she can see how it's coming along.

Thank you, I hope you are fairing (sp?) well during these winter months.