Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend Update

I've been trying really hard lately to "keep holy the Sabbath". I didn't always feel so strongly about it, but in my Bible study, we are studying the life of Moses. We just finished the book of Exodus, where the Israelites were brought out of slavery and Egypt and given the Ten Commandments. So it's become very important to me to follow God's mandates.

Today, I didn't :(


I finished assembling the packets for the craft for next week. I found the idea on Pinterest.

This is the sample I found - I've chosen to use supplies we had on hand, so our trees will be multi-colored. They will be really cute :)

I also started assembling treat bags to be handed out. I had candy, but Newton was reading the ingredients while I filled and discovered there was peanuts. We have food alergies, so I'll be picking up candy canes or something less threatening.

Saturday was spent at home :) working on the quilted wall hangings for my nieces. I have one completely done and the other two are bound and just need stitched in place.

Excited about them being finished :)

I'm hoping to spend most of my week at home. It will be busy because it's the last week before school lets out for Christmas break - although they don't call it that any more, now it's "winter break".

Hope you had a productive weekend too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


dq said...

I too don't sew on Sundays. I think Sundays should be special and dedicated to worship and family time.

I wanted SO BAD to sit and bind my son's quilt today, but I chose to not put the binding on(machine part) last night so it wouldn't tempt me today. I know the Lord will bless me with the time to finish it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty strict about that, too. We have six days for our own things, and the Lord only asks one day. I allow communication with friends and naps, though. =)

A grandmother once said, "Every stitch taken on the Sabbath will have to be picked out with your nose in eternity." Since it would probably TAKE eternity to do that, I don't stitch. LOL

But what you were doing was for Sunday School, so that's more of a gray area. It's for things that will be involved in worshiping the Lord - find the meaning of the candy cane online, and maybe that will help. =)