Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Black Hole

Do you ever feel like you've fallen into a black hold and can't get out?

(From Yahoo)

That's exactly how I've been feeling lately.
I feel like I'm always playing catch up, there's never enough time to get all the things done that need my personal attention.
On top of that, I've been sick all week with a miserable head cold. My upper lip is raw and sore to the touch.

On a positive note, it has warmed up enough this week that Newton was able to mow the lawn :)

Honey Do has planned to till the vegetable garden, but it was too wet. So he came up with an alternate project we've been discussing for a bit.

A fire pit. He wants to put up a nice seating area and make this a permanent fixture. I'm pretty excited about having a place that will force us to sit and relax because neither of us do it very well.

And on that note, he also wanted to get reacquainted with his hammock :)

All of these activities mean that the yard work is beginning. I will need to find time to get into the flower beds and get some weeding done as well as planting seeds in the vegetable garden. I did get some of the fallen twigs picked up in the back yard . . . because I just can't sit still for too awfully long :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a blessed and relaxed weekend.


Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh no, feel better hon - with the weather warming up you don't want to be sick!!! Get out into some sunshine.
One of the homes we looked at had a fire pit, I love them.

Wish I had some of your energy - I sit far too much, lol!

Anonymous said...

Having a cold and not feeling well makes everything worse. If you still feel that way after you are over the cold, then think about what has to change, if it isn't just temporary. Love you.