Monday, July 31, 2017

Mom "Fix" and more

What an absolutely wonderful visit and day Newton and I had with Mom. We enjoyed breakfast and conversation for several hours. I got some cleaning done and Mom purged a closet she's been wanting to get done. After school goes back in session at the end of August, I'm going to try to visit weekly. She says she gets more accomplished when I'm there to help. More regular visits would not be a bad idea just to make sure she's doing well.

Dinner, dishes, laundry done or in progress. I thought I would draw off another row of Salem Witches Quilt Guild but decided against it in favor of one of my other goals this week. I pulled out my Showebox Swap and was really disappointed to find that I only had five of the 24 fat quarters that are the only requirement for this swap. That generated a shopping list and plans to put a huge dent in it next week.

Friday I spent sorting through the various boxes and piles of things that came out of the dining room and I really didn't want back in there. Again, extremely warm and muggy. It was hard to keep at anything for long. I didn't have the a/c on because it was supposed to be cooler - that didn't happen.

I took some time and researched quilt shops in a different part of the state and got phone numbers and directions. There were three of them that are probably 30-45 minutes apart.

I gathered dinner supplies, returned books to the library, dropped off paper recycling. Between loads of laundry, I finished putting the dining room back together and the living room de-cluttered.

Mid-afternoon, Honey Do sent me a text asking if I wanted to pull up the carpet in  the living room (room #2)? Of course, I said yes !!

Saturday didn't go at all as I had originally planned - sewing, catching up my goal list.
Instead, I made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, then we three started on the carpet and 90 minutes later the floor was bare except for some straggled staples and padding, the floor needing swept and washed.

In the meantime, Honey Do got it in his head to replace the two recliners that had seen much better days and spent some time researching the internet. Back in May, he promised me a new recliner for Mother's day. Saturday was the day to keep that promise, but instead of a one I got two !!!

They're big and comfy and there's a sectional that we are thinking about getting later.

They were set up in no time. I continued my clean up. It's time consuming, but I am absolutely thrilled the carpet is gone and my house feels cleaner.

Sunday I cleaned up the china cabinet and front window.

I did some purging between a couple of loads of laundry, put things back on the fireplace mantle and made breakfast and lunch for Monday. That created lots more dishes and I got those done as I went. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do any sewing or stitching this weekend. It gives me lots to look forward to this coming week with all the other things I/we got accomplished. I should be able to finally get my goal list up to date.

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