Friday, July 14, 2017

The Week Before Vacation Bible School

My week has been very hectic. . .

Monday I had a meeting at church to finalize the only print project for Vacation Bible School. Newton tried to have a job interview, but the hiring manager was on vacation, Honey Do had a doctor appointment and I tried to keep up on household chores.

I've also been keeping up with my stitchery.


Two more tiny snowmen finish and another one begun.

These are so small I'm using a three inch hoop to do the stitching.

As for Vacation Bible School, I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday filling various sizes of condiment cups with baking soda, saline solution and glue (above). These will come together and make Slime :) This is the Monday project.


Three more projects ready to go. First photo is of tissue paper that is cut 10 x 10 for clear plastic plates. Second will be binding for the printing project and last is a frog key chain. This is ending up being an add on that will go home. I'm going to package a much simpler snake or lady bug for class time. As I thought about it all week, I don't think we'll have enough time to get this done in time to go home. These are first, second and third grade. So I'm probably pushing the expectations on that.

I have manage to begin sewing the pajamas. First one is done, swoosh :) I did manage to get a pillow case made (forgot the photo) and a second one started.

Spent some time with Mom this week - yeah poor planning, but enjoyed the time anyway and the house is clean and some purging and reorganizing got done with Newton helping her while I cleaned.

Friday will be spent collecting the supplies for the final project - it's finally been chosen and decided. 

Enjoying some summer :)

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

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Anonymous said...

Ewwww! Dog tongue, dog tongue! LOL Love those blue snowmen. You did a lot this week, even if it wasn't sewing. Your projects are cute. First graders, definitely pushing expectations with the frog; third, probably not. Second some would leap right in and others not, so all in all, you are good with a simpler project!

Have a great VBS week!