Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Friday Sew-In

I mentioned last week that I'm giving myself a weekly day to just sew and craft.  I know most serious crafters do it every day, all day - lucky you!! Unfortunately, that doesn't happen for me for a lot of reasons.  This week I only had two days to myself and because of the holiday this week and being under the weather last week, I spent those days (Monday and Tuesday) cleaning and preparing for the holiday.  Newton only had two days of school this week and Honey Do was home on Thursday.

My sew-in list is the same as last week:

Rag doll - she's all put together, just needs some hair and clothing
Doll clothes - outfits are cut out, one is half finished
Doll quilt - few more rows of quilting, then binding
Charlotte pin cushions (x2) - both are cut out; one is half done

I managed to get the baby afghan I've been working on finished, as well as the snowmen stitcheries.

Here is the link for the "Let It Snow".  The other one I found on Pinterest and made a slight design change by having this one say "Just Chillin'" instead of "Just Chill".

I had yarn leftover from the afghan.  Instead of putting it into a scrap afghan, I decided to make a couple of dish cloths.

I have a couple of others that were made for me as gifts, so I thought I'd give it a try.

And finally, I ordered a new to me book - 

I discovered "Tilda" awhile ago on Pinterest.  I'm not sure what I would do without Pinterest.  I originally borrowed the book from the library.  That's how I shop these days.  I check the library first.  If I really like the book, then I order it for my personal library.  Cuts down on impulse buying and I use my limited space more wisely and efficiently because I only purchase what I really want.  So a little light reading for me this weekend as well.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

Even without a dedicated day, you managed to finish a lot! I should use up some scraps of yarn I have lying around by making dishcloths. I need some new ones. And I should finish the neck scarf I started.

e said...

I'm also using scrap yarn that has been shared with me to make scrap afghans and throws. You never have too many when you are sitting and watching television. The scraps are also an inexpensive additional projects. Idle hands.....