Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I am always so amazed with Wednesday rolls around.  Monday and Tuesday, I always feel like I have so much time to look forward and get things done.  Then Wednesday rolls around and I feel like I haven't accomplished as much as I should have.

Monday, Sister came over and spent Veterans' Day with Newton and I.  We worked on the granny square, to help me finish it up.  She also had a baby afghan she was working on.  She brought me the rest of the quilt block kits from the Shop Hop a couple of weeks ago.  She collected the remainder of the kits for me.  I put them all in page protectors and a notebook to keep them all organized, together and from getting lost or misplaced.

Tuesday, Newton and I went to the library.  I've said a number of times that when November rolled around it would be time to start working on Christmas projects/gifts.  We went to the library and I found a table of books set up that were all themed for Christmas.  So I grabbed several and spent the rest of the evening sorting through and marking pages for ideas for some additional gifts.  In between, I'm reading the newest book from Fern Michaels - Blindsided

This is what we got up to Tuesday morning:

It's not a ton of snow, but just enough to get us in the mood :)  It's pretty and as you can see, the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold.  That changed over night and Wednesday the high got to the low 30s.  My furnace is working pretty steadily and I don't have it set all that high.  Just enough to keep the birds and hermit crabs from freezing:)

Newton was helping by cleaning the snow off the car so we could go to the library - I got a smiley face out of it :)

Once we got home, he of course didn't want to come in the house.

He made the first snowpeople of the season.  He made two because he didn't want the "female" to be lonely!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the hermit crabs are safe in the cold. =)

e said...

I do try really hard to care for all the pets properly. I can tell you since the temperature has dropped, we don't see them much. :)