Monday, November 11, 2013

Productive Monday

Most important today was to remember and honor all of our veterans - living, deceased, active, inactive.  We wouldn't be the country we are without them.

So yesterday, Sunday, ending like this.  No complaints except that I hadn't been very productive lately.  I worked on more of these blocks today.

I ended up with 30 blocks.

Enough to make a lap-size afghan.  I've pretty much decided that this will be a Christmas gift for a special little girl.

Sister had the day off and was so excited about my progress that she dove in and helped me piece all the blocks together.  I worked this grey yarn from the center and she worked it from the outside :)  Working together made quick work of the project.  She was just as excited to have it finished as I was.  She is one of my best cheerleaders :)

  and this is how our day ended :)  It is officially the first snow of the season.  For anyone not familiar with the Great Lakes region of the United States, on Lake Erie we get frequently get what is known as lake effect snow storms.  What happens is the winds blow south and across the lakes from Canada.  The lakes aren't frozen yet, so the cold air picks up moisture from the lake.  The snows are heavy, thick and wet.  It's great packing snow for snowmen and snowball fights.  It's really heavy for shoveling.  

Unfotunately, the snow usually only lasts a couple of days and makes for some really treacherous travel even locally.  But the first snow is always fun and exciting as the seasons change.  

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