Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Sew-in: The Results

Friday I told you I was having a personal weekend sew-in.

Here's the to-do list:

Rag doll
Doll clothes
Doll quilt
Snowman stitcheries (x2)
Baby afghan
Charlotte pin cushions (x2)

This is a pretty ambitious list of things to accomplish.  I didn't take into consideration that I hadn't felt well all last week.  Nothing major, just enough to hinder me.

So I spent Saturday afternoon with Sister.  She was crocheting the cutest little animals I've ever seen.

She's making them for her sister-in-law's baby daughter.

So while Sister crocheted, I stitched on the snowmen I started last month when Honey Do and I went away for the weekend.  I haven't put much focus on my projects due to the loss of one of our beloved pups - searching where ever I could.

I finally finished them this weekend.  I've done a set before that I've given to Sister and BFF.  I'm thinking about making small wall hangings out of these.  They are not a top priority but I want to finish them by the end of January.

A follower of my blog said she might be interested in the designs.  I found these on Pinterest, copied the images to a WORD file and expanded them to enlarge.  I stitched them in a variegated blue and am very pleased with the results.  (Sorry about the wrinkles, I didn't take the time to iron them before photographing.)

From stitchery, I moved on to the rag doll.  I started sewing her up on Friday evening.  I managed to squeak out a little time between Newton leaving and Honey Do getting home.  Saturday I stuffed legs and arms.  Today, I have a finished baby :)

She doesn't have hair yet.  I'm hoping to get that done on Tuesday.

I did get her a face.  I am absolutely thrilled with the end result.  I sent a copy to Sister, she wants to make her next.  

I've started making her clothes and she'll have rompers to wear tomorrow.  They are about half finished. 

This is her quilt :)  The machine quilting is almost finished and that leaves only the binding to finish this sweet little project.

I managed to put in a little time on the Charlotte pin cushion, but not enough.  I'll continue to work on her in between projects.  I haven't decided if she'll be a gift yet or not.

The baby afghan is coming along, and I usually only work on that in the evening when I'm watching television.

I wasn't able to stay off the computer as much as I wanted.  I'll work on my self-discipline, that's the only reason the computer takes over all my time.  Between Facebook and Pinterest.  Although, I'm getting additional ideas from both resources, not that I really need any new projects.

Thanks for stopping by, encouraging me.

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Lots of wonderful thing you got done! The face on the doll is so precious. The Let It Snow snowman comes from a set of 12 snowmen. I have the set and two of them are finished. It's on my list of finished to try for in 2014, but the list seems to be getting so long!

e said...

I'm having so much fun. I love my little doll. Her face came out really well, if I may say so myself. Thank you for the info on the snowmen. Can you provide the name of the distributor or designer - I'd like to be able too pass it on. Good luck with your 2014 list. I haven't even put a dent in my 2013 list yet, so I have a feeling it's just going to carry over.