Friday, November 1, 2013

Shop Hop

Not much is getting done this week.  I had such a productive weekend away with Honey Do last week.  We came home Sunday evening to one of our precious pups missing and unfortunately, hasn't come home yet.  

We are getting lots of prayers and support and I feel like the whole community is helping us watch out for him and get him home as soon as possible.

Today started really early . . .

Yes, that's the sun rising :)

My sister convinced me that doing a Quilt Shop Hop would be fun.  This "adventure" was planned about a month ago when we started working on her quilt top.  With the trip last weekend and Harley getting lost I was really torn about what I should do.  She convinced me that I needed a break and to get out.  Honey Do was also encouraging me to do something for myself.

First stop had this wonderful little cabin behind the store.  I picked up a brochure and learned that you can rent rooms and have your own little retreat.  Isn't it lovely ?

 The sign is above a covered bridge.  So you get quite the grand entrance :)

This lovely little lady greeted us at another shop.  Isn't she sweet.  Her quilt is made from the selvages of a variety of fabrics.  I just thought she was sweet.

Autumn colors are in abundance.  We had a great time together today.  Sister and Honey Do were right, I needed a break.

I stopped at the county kennel on the way home.  Looked at all the dogs, noticed some new ones :(  But Harley wasn't there.  Got on Facebook.  Lots of people are sharing his picture and doing everything they can to help bring Harley home.We're not giving up.  I keep praying that I open the door and he miraculously appears - that's what it's going to take, a miracle.  But I believe in them and know in my heart that God will care for him until he comes back home.

Thank you again for all your prayers.

Thank you for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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