Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend Sew-In

My plans for today got changed due to circumstances beyond my control.  I started out angry because I feel like I'm always have to make that sacrifice - my time.  When I get behind on my chores, no one helps me get caught up.  Fortunately, lately, when I've gotten in a rut with my sewing I have had help.  Sister came last Friday and helped me finish the pile of receiving blankets that I had only put a small dent in.

I got up this morning and decided I wasn't going to be upset all day because I couldn't do what I had planned (which wasn't all that fun anyway - laundry, clean house, etc.).  I've decided to have my own personal weekend sew-in. :)  I've spent most of this month unmotivated.  There were factors to that end:  the loss of one of my dogs, family stuff, illness, just plain not into it - no motivation.  It's a good thing my blog isn't my livelihood because we'd be having a going out of business sale !!

So, Sister was my motivation this past week and since she sweetly spent time helping me get things done I can move on.  The blankets and other items have been presented to our niece and her husband.  My sewing tables are relatively clean and allowing me space to begin some new projects.

The rag doll I mentioned yesterday is now cut out and partially sewn.

This is the beginning of a dress.  I also cut out pajamas, a romper and blocks for a doll size quilt.

My want to begin something new on Monday - Christmas gifts.

So my goals for this weekend sew-in:

rag doll
doll clothes
doll quilt
snowman stitcheries (2)
Charlotte pin cushions (2)
baby afghan

and NO computer - except to watch a movie or two.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

I hope your sew-in went as planned! I plan a couple of days like that next week, and NO computer. LOL Not until the end of the day, anyway. I am especially interested in your snowman stitcheries, since I'll be doing some next year!

e said...

It went pretty well, but I still couldn't leave the computer alone :( It is my biggest time thief. Enjoy your "personal sew-in". I hope it's very productive for you.