Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life gets in the way

So I'm getting a rude awakening today - -
 Thanksgiving is next week !!!!

I'm thinking I still have a couple of weeks - where did November go?  Did anyone else loose it?  Did anyone find it??  I feel like I've been on another planet and haven't been keeping up.  

So since I'm so far behind, the project for my third and fourth grade Sunday School class will be done this weekend.  Thank goodness, I am ready for that.  Just.  I worked on it yesterday and finished it up today.

It's not anything big or fancy, but it definitely gets the message across and it's never to soon to teach gratitude.  The leaves say:  Thankful for:  _______________ (fill in the blank).  Prep was easy.  I cut out all the circles and put them in baggies so all the children will need to do is color.  I wanted to punch them out, but my punch was too small and I was too impatient to go and purchase a larger punch, so I cut :)

Christmas sewing has begun.  Life got in the way today and none of the things I planned to do were feasible.  So I dropped back and punted.  I have been wanting to make a doll.  I have had this pattern for a number of years (20+ - I said a number, big smile).  I've made rag dolls in the past and absolutely love them.  I admire the people who make porcelain dolls and all kinds of other fancy.  They are gorgeous and the artistry is amazing.  But I like a doll that can be carried and loved and played with.

Rag dolls do that.  My great niece is 3 years old, this is the perfect doll for that age.  Nothing too small and fussy.  Big and lovable - -
20 inches.

I transferred the paper pattern to non-fusible interfacing and cut her out of muslin.  I pinned as much as I could to make sewer a little faster.

Here are some of my fabric choices for clothing.  I'm not going to make too many.  The doll pattern has a romper.  I thought I would make her a dress and some pajamas.  Maybe a doll quilt if I have time before Christmas.

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Taz helping my make my bed :)


Anonymous said...

Your SS students are so lucky to have you. What a good lesson that will be. Yes, I have to keep reminding myself it's coming up. I set reminders in my phone for taking the turkey out to thaw! LOL Love the rag doll. They are my favorites, but I've never made one. I will have to think about that. I look forward to seeing yours and her wardrobe.

e said...

The project turned out great and it was fun just talking and discussing all we are and should be grateful for. In recent years, I've come to appreciate my SS students more than I have in the past. I have been richly blessed in finding that the more time and effort I put into them, the more blessings I receive back. It's a great age (3rd and 4th grades).