Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - November

Block of the Month - 1996

I started this project back in the day, and promptly put them away because they were "hard".
Little did I know that it wasn't really hard as much as I was just to inexperienced to work on them.
 I was also working full time in retail, I was management.
Anyone who's ever worked retail management knows that you don't work a 40 hour week - you work 60 plus hours.

Quite a few years have passed and I have learned a lot about sewing and quilting.
I am thoroughly enjoying this experience and am very pleased with this finish.

Next year, all these will become quilts - finished quilts :)






May and June


July and August


September and October



I have four extra November blocks that I'm thinking will be part of a lap quilt to through over the back of the Lazyboy chair next winter. I'm still pondering ideas for the layout.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

How I spent my Black Friday :)

I already explained that I would not spend the day shopping. It's considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but I don't partake in it any more. Driving around, standing in line, are just not my idea of a good time.

I kept thinking it was Saturday all day. Not used to having my guys home with me.
But I'm not complaining . . . 

The two large cabinets that we are re-purposing now have countertops thanks to Honey Do.
The tops are a material called corian that is manufactured for this purpose. Honey Do has made me some beautiful pens out of it too.
They aren't attaced yet, but he got them cut and sanded after the inital measurements were taken first thing Friday morning.

The smaller cabinet (that he's leaning on) is going to be fashioned into a light box !!!
Can't wait to see how that turns out. He's amazing. I am going to love having the extra space for cutting, etc. Right now, I can't even see the tops of my tables. There is so much that needs to be reorganized and put away.

I managed to get my Spring row finished . . . well almost finished.
There are six blocks. I still have two more handles from the umbrellas to blanket stitch and the row will need it's final assembly. 

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ALL my goals for November have been met !!!!

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday . . .

This will NOT be me again this year . . . LOL

For many years now, we have decided not to go shopping on Black Friday. 
We used to, and honestly, I enjoyed it. However, as we've gotten older and have decided that we really don't need anything we don't waste the time.
I prefer to just stay home and enjoy my time in my home with my family.
This year I am blessed that both my guys will be home to spend the day with me.

My beautiful pumpkin pie . . . 

Dinner was wonderful, everyone chipped in to help (and not just eat).
Our day is pretty low-key, just the way we like it.

Once the cleaning and cooking were done on Wednesday, I managed a little sewing time.
Rocky got a couple of new coats. He's growing quickly and they seem to be in the wash as much as they are on him, so some extras will come in handy.

Spent the day organizing some photos for my nieces scrapbooks. I managed to get Volue 1 of the first niece's done. I still have two more to do. After that I'll do my best to keep them up for them, but honestly, it's getting hard to do it and everything else that I want to do.
Mine are so far behind I don't know if they'll ever get done :(

Rocky has the right idea/

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Good Morning

Honey Do is at work . . . 

Newton is home from school . . .

Wednesday will be spent preparing for the weekend . . . 

Brining turkey . . . 

Catching up laundry . . . 

Cleaning house . . . 

Running errands . . .

Trying to find time to work on something crafty . . .

Wishing everyone 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Short week . . . at least for some :)

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it will be a short work for those who spend their days at a job. For me, my work doesn't end. I just have more company, aka Honey Do and Newton, while I try to keep up. Which lately, I've been failing at miserably.

As the Christmas music plays in the background, I'm contemplating what I want to accomplish this weekend. I still have my November goal for ALYOF and I still have the Spring Row-Along. Neither has been able to capture my attention in the last few days.

Sunday . . .

 Threatening skies . . .

flurries . . .

but not really any accumulation :(


Monday evening I put together this wreath.
If you haven't tried this mesh, you really need to. It's simple but I think makes a beautiful statement.
This one is a gift for my youngest niece.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday Night Sew-In

Friday Night Sew-In was hosted by the lovely Wendy.
She does an amazing job. Thank  you Wendy.

Make sure you head over and see what every one was up to.

As for me, I actually got to "sew".

Two of three coats for my niece's dogs.
I just hope they fit.
I was in the mood to sew but needed short term projects since Christmas sewing is right around the corner,

Rocky is ready for the snow that's forecast for this weekend.
The temperatures have dropped again and it rained Saturday evening. We'll have to wait and see what Sunday brings.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Days off . . .

Wednesday . . .

I had the day off from any outside responsibilities.

I got the day to do what I needed or wanted and got to stay home.

This makes me very happy.

So my day started with coloring.

These will be laminated, cut out and displayed on my Sunday School bulletinboard. 
I know I'm cutting it really close, but they'll be ready for next year.
Next up will be something to do with Advent.

I moved on to do some moving around in the basement. Christmas sewing and time off is giving me some motivation to begin this project earlier than planned. 
Honey Do is going to make counter tops for the cabinets and they need to be accessible for measuring and installation.

Thursday . . .

meeting BF for breakfast, sharing, and getting supplies to help her finish a flannel quilt for her son for Christmas. The top is finished, the first quilt is having the binding applied now and a third quilt is begun. She's going to be really busy for the next month, isn't she?


Along the way, I received a bag of goodies from her. Since her mom's passing, she's been helping her day sort and divvy up what needs to go. I was gifted with several things. Look at this gorgeous piece of wool !!!


The snowman is a door hanger like my  "Uncle Sam".
The fabrics are an attempt to help me fix the November BOM that had an error in it. It's not the same fabric, but I'm going to see what I can do.

These are leftover pieces of yardage that BF used on her quilt. Wasn't she super generous to share with me?


BONUS !!!!
We were having a conversation about ironing boards and covers the other day - I know, really exciting . . . LOL
Anyway, I mentioned these hook and spring gadgets that my mom used to use to keep her board covers taut.
Lo and behold !!!! in sorting through Mom's things, BF found a set. She said she didn't need them.
I am in heaven !!!!
Such a silly thing to get excited about, but there you have it.
And did you see the price???
Original package.
Letter-coding has been replaced by bar-coding. And taxable if applicable. Not like today, when almost everything is taxable.

I spent my evening watching Netflix and cutting out my artwork for Sunday School so I can take them to church to be laminated.

Friday . . .

It's taken me three days to write this post.
I'm planning on being home Friday morning. Every opportunity to do so will be captured. I just spent too much time away from home.

Morning chores are started, meatloaf is asembled and back in the fridge, laundry is started.
Next up, need to decide. 
Do I want to work on the spring row or start the Nutcracker wall hanging for my sister-in-law's Christmas gift?
Honestly, I'm leaning toward the spring row so I can finish that obligation and put supplies away until January when the next block is published.

Yes, I think that's what I'll do.

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Does it look like he's giving me the stink-eye?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Busy Monday

Monday mornings always start with Bible study and finalizing preparations for the leaders' meeting.
Because I'm a children's leader, that's where my focus is and Monday was no exception.

This week's study focuses on Revelation 4 and there is discussion about God's throne. So I went in search of a photo of a throne. These are what I came up with and will be cut out and pasted to scripture cards for my children.

It's the third Monday of the month, that means one of my local quilt shops has a specific kit available.

This is just the fabric for the block. You have to purchase the book in order to get the pattern, which I already had. BF and I are sharing the book and doing the blocks. Not that we've started yet.

This shop is also a favorite stop for remnants. They have a six foot table covered with a large basket that is overflowing.


I found a nice stack of remnants and even this  completed block. I'll just throw it into my stash. 

The remnants made a nice little pile of 9-patches for my swap participation and leaders and enders for the upcoming Spring row.

Rocky got squishy mail :)

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