Monday, September 28, 2015

Lazy weekend . . .

Honey Do and Newton took off for the day on Saturday . . . deer hunting season is now in full swing. Unfortuneately they saw deer, just none came home with them. I was hoping to fill the freezer. More days are planned, so I'm not giving up yet.

As for me, I had a glorious day at home, alone, with the pups. I got the laundry caught up, rested, napped, and did little else except park myself in front of the television and watched a couple of sewing/quilt shows, some cooking shows and several movies. And I don't feel the least bit guilty that I wasn't working on a project :) Sometimes you just need a day off from everything.

I did, over the course of the weekend, play with some new fabric.

A stack of fat quarters. Isn't it a lovely collection? 
I'm thinking these will be for Rose's Chatelaine BOW.
Not sure how many there will be, but she's up to week 47 !!!! 
Not sure when I'll start, I'm thinking January, 2016 - I always seem to be behind :)

Sunday meals . . . 

Honey Do's lunch went from this . . .

To this :)

Added fresh green bell pepper, onions, mushroom and some extra cheese. 
Looks pretty tasty, if I may say so myself :)

I did manage to make some time find some enthusiasm (as I had nothing but time) to work on my Wool BOM.

It doesn't feel or look like a lot to me, but stacked French knots are very time consuming. 
There are more French knots on the leaves. I was hoping to have this project done by Monday but that's not going to happen. I will finish it before I move on to the birthday gift for BF. I have a couple of weeks to work on that before it's due.

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

A new project

I always have several projects going at the same time, hand embroidery and something on the sewing machine and at least a hundred more patterns to choose from.

Wednesday, I received my new Wool BOM. This is number six of nine. The small circles are actually done in a very dark, almost black green. Needless to say, stitching on black in the evening is difficult at best for me. So I need another project to work on. :)
I know, an excuse to start something new :)

When I met with BF on Thursday, we went through a stack of magazines she acquired from her Dad. They were her mother's and they are slowly sorting through her sewing room.
One of the magazines had this great pattern in it. I've chosen to do it on muslin - the pattern called for it on an orange-red, but I wanted a lighter background. All the outlines will be embroidered.
The design is called Mr. and Mrs. Chicken :)

I hope you are all doing something fun this weekend.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Finally home . . . for a minute

WOW, has it been a busy month. Yes, I know there's still almost another week, but wow has time gone by and I never seem to be home for more than a few minutes. Yes, that's a slight exaggeration, but only slight. When I am home there always seems to be something that needs my attention or I'm just worn out from all the going.

I did take a minute to put my feet up :)

Wednesday, BF and I met up for the wool class.

Not much progress, just a start.

Thursday, we just met up to chat :)

Going through old magazines . . .

means new projects - can't wait to start this one. It's adorable :)
Yeah, only a sneaky peak :)

Back to work on the wool. I'm hoping to finish that block this weekend so I can start the new project. Honey Do and Newton are going hunting on Saturday. If it rains, I'll have all day to work on it. If it doesn't I'll be in the garden planting a couple of new butterfly bushes and cone flowers gifted by BF.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - September Edition

September finish :) I'm linking by to Sew Bittersweet Designs.

A simple design made special by fabric choices and some hand embroidery.

This UFO has been waiting about two years to be completed.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not much stitching . . .

but some cleaning . . .

Saturday and Monday evenings I took myself outside and finished weeding my front flower bed. It is in desperate need of mulch, but at least the weeds have been taken care of. I filled several trash cans over time to completely weed. And unfortunately, it's time to start at the beginning again before they get out of control. At the moment, nothing is blooming. I did have a gorgeous pink rose bud, but the deer ate it Sunday evenign :(

Monday afternoon, upon return from my Leaders' meeting, I cleaned the ceiling fan in my kitchen.

I don't clean this nearly often enough and ended up removing the blades in order to clean it properly. I'm always amazed at how dirty it gets in what seems to be a very short period of time. It looks almost new again.

Next up, the windows. Inside and out :)

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quiet Saturday

Our forecast is for rain - all day. It's now 1:30p.m. and all I've seen is a few spits here and there.
I had planned my day around the rain.
Is there any more perfect day to stay indoors and stitch?

This is my Saturday morning progress - after breakfast and all the morning chores are completed.

Friday night was pretty successful too. I managed to get another section of the fence stitched.

Feeling energized because it's moving along so quickly.

After a freezer meal, stuffed peppers I put up in July when ground beef was on sale, I worked on another scrap block.

Sometimes, you just done really feel like working on a definite project.
These allow me to just let the project take over and basically make themselves.

In between, I finally went out into my flower beds and did some much overdue weeding. I filled a trash can. I was very pleased when I finished and am even looking forward to going back out again on Monday.

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Friday, September 18, 2015


It's been a month and time to join some wonderful people stitching, sewing, crafting and whatever fun things they can get themselves into. Slide on over to Wendy's to see who all the attendees are and check out what they are doing.

My Friday night began before dinner with cutting out these "stop signs" for my Sunday School lesson on Sunday. The children will write in permanent marker

S top
 T hink
O bey
P ray

Then they can use them as bookmarks in their Bibles.

After spending my morning balancing my check book, paying bills and grocery shopping, I had no motivation to cook. I still needed to put groceries away and help with bulletins at church. Honey Do sweetly suggested sushi for dinner :)
Not my favorite, but his. I was perfectly content with leftovers since I didn't even know what I was hungry for. Makes clean up very easy and quick.


This is the latest flower to adorn my picket fence.

And my "pickets" are starting to fill in and show some color as well. I'm very pleased with the way this is turning out. Very feminine :)

Honey Do really needs new denim, but refuses to purchase because he's having trouble finding good fit and comfort. So I'm mending these again. I had a little help from my friend.

I'm spending the rest of the evening watching a movie - haven't decided which one yet - and working on the picket fence.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

S - L - O - W . . .

That's how my week is starting.

I don't have much motivation after all the fun stuff I did over the weekend. But I know as the week moves on that will change :)

I started embelisshing my "picket fence" last week. 
It really didn't look like much until I started adding the leaves. 
It will continue to evolve as I move along.
I'm not very good at free-style or making my own designs, but I'm going to continue to try.

By the end of Wednesday, this is what I accomplished. 
Mind you, there were all kinds of interruptions in between stitches, but I'm very pleased with the accomplishment.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Late to the party . . . no invite :)

Sunday, as I finished up my "Betsy Ross" blocks, I decided to prepare some Christmas themed 9-patches to be sewn later. These are mostly fabrics leftover from the Gnome for Christmas quilt I did last year and finished in January. The fabrics were purchased specifically for that project and I had no other projects lined up to use up the fabric . . . so 9-patches. And I always feel like I'm behind in meeting my obligations for the swap.  

Anyway, that process created more scraps. Those, of course, need to be dealt with as well. So why not make a scrap block?

I'd started sewing pieces parts together a few weeks ago and set it aside because it was taking time away from something else I was working on. 

I have found out several things about me as I went through this process. I LOVED it !!!  It was fun to see how it would turn out. It's very freeing being able to use up my scraps because I hate throwing anything away that has any size to it at all.  Some of the scraps were even already sewn together because they were leftovers. It doesn't really matter if things match or line up because they will eventurally. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it came out. I did have to do some trimming and squaring up as I went, but not a lot. And I got two 12 - 12.5 inch blocks out of the process. For me, this will make it more managable down the road when I go to put them all together.

Then I ready Susan's blog . . . 

It has a name !!!! 

Imagine my surprise?


I am in love :)

She's been doing this for awhile because she makes TONS of quilts. 
I learn a lot from her and she is very generous with her time and knowledge and I am forever grateful for her friendship.

Not only that, but she provided me with several links so I could check out other bloggers.

They all have beautiful quilts or quilts in progress.

I'm definitely going to keep working on mine.

So I'm a little late to the party with no invite, but I'm staying and going to enjoy myself.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Relaxing Sunday

I try really hard not to "work" on Sundays. I'm not always successful, but mostly I am.

After Sunday School, I came straight home. We decided on homemade tomato soup and biscuits for dinner - Tomatoes were in the freezer from last summer. This year's harvest will be non-existant. We did not have a very good growing season and my heart just wasn't in it.

Anyway, that pretty much freed up my afternoon and evening, which I took advantage of. . .

I finished embellishing my "Betsy Ross" row and sewed it all together. I also linked it up to DOD Mystery Blog. I really wasn't sure how I wanted to finish the blocks, but I'm pretty pleased with the end results and especially that the goal was accomplished.

I went on to prepare sets for more 9-patches. These will be Christmas themed. They make great leaders/enders.

And something I've never done before . . . 

I was REALLY pleased with how these turned out :)

It's 8 a.m.
Load #3 is in the washer . . .
Load #2 is in the dryer . . .

I'm on my way to Bible Study.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's a good weekend

Back here I let you know that my computer would be out of commission due to a conflict between Rocky and the adapter.

I immediately shopped and ordered a new adapater and was blessed with its arrival in Saturday's post. I didn't realize how much company Netflix was while I stitched and sewed and worked at the dining room table during the day :)

The weekend forecast was for rain and much cooler temperatures. Highs during the day are mid 60sF and the overnight lows are in the 50sF. We are LOVING this weather. Rain was forecast for Friday evening, all day and evening Saturday and cool (mid 50sF) and overcast on Sunday.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this weather. In fact, I relish in it. It is the perfect excuse to stay home and indoors to do what I love.

Friday evening I cut out all the pieces parts for the Americana row.
Yes, Rocky helped with sorting . . . 

and plenty of distraction. He's a comical little fellow and I love him beyond measure :)

Saturday . . .

The three blocks of "Betsy Ross" aka Sunbonnet Sue were pieced.
Once I got over the initial confustion I seem to have with every paper-pieced block, they went together quickly and smoothly. All three were accomplished on Saturday. I still have some detail work to do, but they are done !!!
And personally, I think they are adorable.

As leaders and enders, I worked on 9-patches.

I managed to only get 10 done this time, but that just means the blocks were easier to do. I should have a nice little inventory of them . . . I'll have to check.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, too.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Autumnal previewd

As I sit this evening and write my blog, I'm also reflecting on my day. 
My day starts at 5:30 a.m. with Honey Do getting up and getting ready to head out for work.
I put on coffee, take the dogs out and pack his lunch.
It's still fairly dark at 5:30 a.m., but I always look up to see what the sky has for me.
This morning it was clear and full of stars.

After the sun comes up and Newton has left for school, we head back outside again.

This morning I noticed this bush of teeny "mums". I had cut them back a few weeks ago because they were all brown and not very pretty to look at.
Imagine my surprise this morning coming upon them all grown up again and in full bloom.
It's amazing how you can walk past something everyday and not notice it. 
I wasn't expecting them to grow up and bloom again.

This evening as I was working on my spring row, I looked out my dining room window. There on my flag pole was this beauty enjoying some time in the sun. I just had to capture a photograph of him/her. It stayed there until the sun no long shown on the pole, assuming it got too cold.
Our overnight low was in the upper 50s, so it may very well have gotten chilly.
I on the other hand, enjoyed these cooler temperatures immensely. It was a perfect day for a drive and visit with BF. The high was only in the mid-70s. A perfect day in my opinion. 
I love autumn because of all the beauty it has to present. Cooler temperatures, Visitors like this moth and the beautiful spider last weekend. If you watch the signs, you can see the changes coming.

BF and I didn't really plan or feel much like doing anything at our meet today. She brought Christmas cards to punch down to repurposed into gift tags. I brought my various finished projects to ooh and ahh over :)
I found an adorable enamel canister at a local consignment shop that I purchased for her and a piece of "watermelon seeds" print for a table runner project we were supposed to work on.

She offered opinions when I shared my concerns for the spring row. How do you like the floral print on the bottom?
I am absolutely thrilled with it. It adds some brightness and color that my color choices don't offer.
 I went on and drew some "canes" from which I will stitch and add "flowers". I made a little progress before I just got too tired.

I pulled out a floral embroidery book to help me along.

In an attempt to "sharpen" his computer skills, Rocky has chewed the death out of my laptop adapter and unfortunately now my computer does not hold a charge. It works fine as long as it's plugged in. I think he shorted out the battery. I'm sharing Honey Do's until the replacement I ordered arrives. So it may be a few days before I can blog again.
So I hope you all have a safe, healthy and productive weekend.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

New school year

The beginning of the school year not only brings changes to students but to families and their routines as well.

For me, it means getting really organized and making good use of my time. My changes come a couple of weeks after school starts. Tuesday was my Bible study workshop for all the leaders, those working with adults and children.
Working with the children means I have to prepare a lesson following the guidelines, learning songs to sing with the children, activities and I also have to do my own study for a leaders group that is part of the weekly meeting and training. We met on Tuesday because Monday was the holiday. Going forward, the leaders will meet on Monday and Tuesday will be the actual group dates for non-leadership. So it will be two full mornings each week dedicated to meeting at church. The rest of the week will be finding good blocks of time to study and prepare. I've chosen that time to be when Honey Do leaves for work. Then the rest of the day is mine. 

By noon Wednesday, all my household chores were done, I met with the gas company to check my gas meter to make sure it was in proper working condition.

So once the daily chores were done, it freed me up to start working on the Spring Row-Along.

There are lots of little pieces for this one.

In keeping with the theme that I have limited time these days, I made my Wednesday very productive. In fact, I got way more accomplished than expected.

I never expected to get the entire row completed !!!

I still want to do some embellishing with embroidery and possibly beads. We'll see. I also want to look at the original design again because there are some applique pieces I haven't incorporated yet. However, the row is considered finished.

Going back to my "pick-a-pile", I finally have a tree on the first spring row.

I've been wanting to do this for some time and am finally getting around to it. I still need to do the embroidery, but it will be done by week's end.

September is off to a very good start. I checked my ShoeBox and only need two more fat quarters to complete the main part of the swap. Now I have to figure out some "surprises" for my partner. Very excited to have so much accomplished on that particular project.

Thursday, BF and I have plans for a meet. We are planning on starting a new table runner. She's been working on needlebooks for Christmas gifts. A new project for herself is in order. I've selfishly been finishing up projects for me :)

Thanks for stopping by,

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