Sunday, February 26, 2017

Goal Report w/e 2/25/17

What started out as sketchy has now turned into a very productive week :)

1. Seasons Redwork (UFO)

- cut framing (sashing) strips Done, and most of them sewn
- finish stitching blocks Done

2. Magic Apron (UFO)


- finish assembling Done (Thanks, Jenny)

3. Wendy's Christmas (UFO)

- assemble Done  (Finally, Thanks Wendy :)

4. Sheep quilt block

- stitch one block Done

5. "He is Risen" (UFO) No progress, I forgot to write this one down in my book.

- draw off,start stitching

Goals for the week ending March 4, 2017

1. Redwork (UFO - 2015)
- sash last two blocks
- figure out next step
- design layout

2. Sheep
- work on next block
- plan alternate blocks

3. Easter Bin (UFO - unknown date)
- see what's in it
- pick something to make

4. "He is Risen" (UFO)
- pull bin, get started

5. "Welcome"
- choose fabric
- draw off pattern

Seems like a lot, but I don't really think it is.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Playing Hookey :)

I played hookey !!!!

I did what I talked about doing - planning and prepping ahead so when I got home from work I could cook dinner. That's how I started my day. It was decided Thursday morning that I didn't need to go in to work :) :) :)

So on to Plan B . . . 

I called BF and we scheduled an impromptu play date :)

We had such a god time, just being together . . . being friends - comfortable, talking about everything and anything, changing subjects in an instance.

We did our "show and tell".


I shared the redwork blocks that I sashed Wednesday evening. She's still working on lace cabin and began a new embroidery project called "Welcome". I have the pattern, but haven't done much with it. With her encouragement - that maybe on the list next week.

After we finished, we moved on to Hobby Lobby. It was fun walking around and shopping all the new spring decor. BF needed floss for "Welcome" and I needed additional red prints for the redwork.

Some bonuses . . . 

Valentine's was clearanced. I'll use this in the sheep quilt to compliment the cross stitched hearts.


"Buttercup" quilt squares

These were on the clearance wall. Two packages were marked down to $2.58 from $19.99 !!!!
I was very excited - 12 blocks for less than $6.00 !!!
I think it will be beautiful. I love the color choices - yellows, orange, greens and a teal blue. I can't wait to start stitching.

Next step, shopping my stash for coordinating fabrics.


Easter is just around the corner. We found these adorable little "chatkies". It seems that bumble bees are my new "thing" according to BF. And the little chick was just too cute.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Did someone say Spring?

A week ago I was looking at bird tracks in the snow under the feeder.

Monday and Tuesday, I was raking leaves - it was 65 degrees !!!! Friday we are looking at almost 80 !!

Wednesday morning began with light rain

and "monster" cookies. 
M&Ms are over $4.00 !!!! a bag - I was horrified.
However, the smell of fresh baked cookies made it all worth it.

I got as many of my chores done as possible first thing in the morning because I already knew I was working the rest of the week.
I'm challenged to get chores in, meals planned and prepped as much as possible because there is so little time after I return home, Newton comes home from school and Honey Do from work. I need to be more organized, but I'm a work in progress.

My evenings are spent stitching. Blocks 11 and 12 of the Seasons Redwork are finished.

I managed to get the strips cut for the sashing. I've increased the size from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. I want a quilt and not a wall hanging.
The plan is to quilt as I go so I have a finished quilt and not another UFO, or continuing UFO in this case.

I also managed to squeeze in some sewing machine time, so the sashing has begun.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goal Report for the weekending February 18, 2017

1. Lace Cabins
- finish block 6
- trim all the blocks to size

2.  Magic Apron (UFO)

Progress made, not finished.

3.  Seasons Redwork (UFO)
-stitch blocks five through 8

block 5

block 6

blocks 7 and 8


block 9 and 10 - too much time in the lazy boy :)

4. Growing Up QAL
-assemble block
-post link

assembled and quilted

5. Wendy's Christmas (UFO)

No progress

6. Sewing Room - 30 minutes

time in :)

Goals for the week ending February 25, 2017

1. Seasons Redwork (UFO)
- finish stitching blocks 11 and 12
- cut framing fabrics

2. Magic Apron (UFO)
- finish assembling

3. Wendy's Christmas (UFO)
- cut setting blocks
- assemble top

4. "Sheep" quilt blocks
- stitch one block
- finish stitching any blocks started

5. "He is Risen" 
- draw off and start stitching

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Play Day

It looks like Wednesdays are working up to be my day off. What a wonderful, pleasant surprise.

That means I have a whole day to play, sew, stitch and watch movies.

I'm in Heaven !!

Here's how I spent my day:

I started with a trip to the grocery and library. We must eat and I had new movies and books to pick up.

Next up, the Lace Cabin.

All of the stitching is done, including a couple of spot I missed. I made the freezer paper template and cut all the blocks to size. I don't usually do this step, but I'm glad I did in this instance and will probably make a practice of it on future projects. It would have been disastrous if I cut something wrong.

The next step is to piece the star row center and then assemble the top. Not sure how soon I'll get to that, but it's not on the list for next week.

Seasons Redwork



Significant progress here. These little cuties are going really fast.
Not only did I get block five through eight done, but also nine and ten :)

We got more snow overnight into Thursday. 

Not enough to keep me from going to Mom's. We had a great visit. We both have missed spending time together in the last month.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I LOVE Monday :)

(image from Yahoo)

Well, most of the time :)

I had such grandiose plans for Monday, but ended up going to work after the leaders' meeting/Bible study. I played catch up when I got home, so I could get my chores done. Fortunately there were leftovers for dinner and I didn't have to cook.

I was able to get some stitching done regardless to the disruption of my plans.


Embellishments for the Lace Cabin block and blocks five

and six.

Block seven was finished on Tuesday evening and block eight is in the hoop.

I was able to purchase the fat quarters to frame these blocks and hope to cut and sew them on Wednesday while I have the day off.
I'm also planning on working on the lace cabin and time permitting maybe the Growing Up QAL block.

Ambitious, I know :)

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

(image from Yahoo)

Monday, February 13, 2017

I WILL Get Something Done

Friday . . . 

There's no school . . . 

and I WILL get something done !!!!

It was really cold, especially after the warm up earlier in the week. So I took Newton to the library and came home. My plan is to work on my goal list and watch movie - an absolutely perfect day !!

My first goal was a little fleece jacket

A UFO of several years ago. It was supposed to be a gift for BF's youngest daughter - who is now a freshman in college !! Honestly, it would probably still fit she's so small, but definitely not her style.

I love the embroidery :)

Anyway, I have a great-niece who I'm hoping will love it. Some hand sewin while watching TV and I'm calling this one done !!

With that goal accomplished, I moved on to the desk in my sewing room.

Before :(

I promised myself 30 minutes per week, minimum, to try to purge and reorganize. It's not a big space. The computer needs a virus removed before I can use it again. Unfortunately, this space becomes a catch-all. There's probably a lot more I could get rid of.

After :)

A little at a time - it will get done.
For the rest of the afternoon, I spent it working on the lace cabin. I drew off the "cabin and quilt blocks" earlier in the week.

I pulled the fabric and lace, colored and heat-set all the pieces parts. It's a very time consuming process. Choosing just the right trims is not an easy process for me.

Once all the decision-making is done, it will be another project for the lazy boy and "puppy-lap".

We do love our snuggle time.

So how did I do on my goals:

1.  Lace Cabin

A few more finishing touches and it will be complete - one more week should do it.

2. 9-Patches - DONE

Swap patches

"stash patches"

3.  Fleece Jacket - DONE

4. Apron stitchery - DONE

5. Sewing Room - 30 mins. DONE

And now my goals for the week ending 2/18/17:

1. Lace Cabin
- finish block 6
- trim all the blocks to size

2. Magic Apron (UFO) 
- try sewing it together

3. Seasons Redwork (UFO)
- stitch blocks 5-8

4. Growing Up QAL
- assemble 2 blocks for February
- machine quilt
- post link

5. Sewing Room - 30 minutes.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.