Monday, June 26, 2017

Goals for the week of June 18, 2017

Goals for the week of June 18, 2017

1. Redwork - DONE
- label - stitch and attach

2. Pam's Quilt
- frame remaining blocks (received 6/18/17) - DONE
- choose sashing and backing - 

3. Growing Up - BOM
- make block - DONE

4. Sheep
- begin sewing alternate blocks - DONE

5. Lace Cabins
- quilt rows 3, 4, 5 - in progress


6. Choose next stitchery project (UFO) - DONE
Not only chosen, but finished. 


Goals for the week of June 25, 2017

1. Dining room curtain
- make

2. Pam's quilt 
- cut, sew sashing

3. Lace Cabins
- quilt fourth row

4. Salem Witches
- draw off first row

5. Christmas in July
- choose and organize projects

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hump day progress report

My week got off to a productive start.

I spent Monday morning choosing my next stitchery project since I got the last two blocks of the Sheep done over the weekend.

Here it is:

Yes, it's almost done. It was supposed to be a kitchen towel but I didn't like the fabric for that, so I cut it up and will frame it for my guest room. 

Another goal this week was to label the Redwork quilt. I got it done and put a simple little border around it from the scraps.

I tried working on the lace cabins, but found when I was sandwiching rows four and five that I was about 1/3 yard short of fabric. It's now at a standstill until I decide when to go and get more fabric. It was very frustrating. 

Consequently, Tuesday I didn't sew at all. I have other projects to sew, but it's not really what I wanted to work on. I did manage a fair bit of time in the yard catching up on things that were let go because of the heat and waiting on someone else to do their part. I got tired of waiting and did things myself. The weather was perfect. Low 80s, sunshine and breezy. So perfect in fact, that the rains held off until after 9 p.m. and were done before bedtime. The gardens are flourishing, even if the weeds are trying to take over :)

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Monday, June 19, 2017


Goals for the week of June 12, 2017

1. Redwork Quilt
- make and attach label
label is designed, but I still have to make it

2. Lace Cabins
- layout - DONE

I also sashed all five rows and quilted the first two rows of the blocks!!

3. Growing Up QAL
- assemble BOM
fabric is pulled

4. Sheep 
Block 8 and 9 of 9 - DONE

5. Pam's Quilt (church quilt)
- finish framing blocks - DONE

Goals for the week of June 18, 2017

1. Redwork 
- label - stitch and attach

2. Pam's Quilt
- frame remaining blocks (received 6/18/17)
- choose sashing and backing

3. Growing Up - BOM
- make block

4. Sheep
- begin sewing alternate blocks

5. Lace Cabins
- quilt rows 3, 4, 5

6. Choose next stitchery project (UFO)

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Productivity . . . on a roll


It has been a good week!! Sorry I wasn't able to keep up to date with you but if you will allow me, we'll play catch up :)

I have been sewing a minimum of 30 mins every day, usually more. I've been keeping up household responsibilities in between along with stitching and reading. I've begun to purchase supplies for Vacation Bible School.

My 30 minutes of sewing this week had me adding sashing to the blocks and cabins so they are now five complete rows. The third row of blocks is being quilted and then I'll move on to the cabin blocks.


I took a trip to the fabric store to purchase border and backing fabrics.

Yes, it's upside down - not sure how that happened. The quilt has a mind of it's own :)
The brown on "top" has decided it's going to be the back of the quilt and the other two haven't told me yet which one, or both, will be the border(s).

I found some other pieces that insisted on coming home with me . . .


the blue/yellow prints are for a dresden plate quilt that hasn't begun yet and the other goes with a bicycle tapestry and playing with soon.

With it being so hot and humid, we don't spend much time outside. I pull a handful of weeds and call my gardening done, I just do it several times a day.

Play time has resorted to the same basic schedule. Since water doesn't stay cold, we play and when we get thirsty (10-15 minutes), we go back inside.


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Monday, June 12, 2017

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

(Image from Yahoo)

Honey Do took a day off work after his business trip. We had plans to run some errands together, but otherwise it was meant to be a quiet day.

Newton was at school, while Honey Do replaced the plumbin in the toilet I did dishes, hung a load of laundry outside to dry and worked on more blocks for the lace cabins.

By dinner time, I had three rows assembled. I put together extra blocks from the leftover pieces. I might have to come up with a new quilt using up these blocks.

Some of my fabric pieces are small, so I'm using them for framing Pam's quilt (church quilt). I sorted through and matched up with the blocks.

Saturday was another early morning. I stayed quiet until everyone else was up and mobile. Homemade multigrain waffles for breakfast. Chores done, I worked on more of the leftover blocks. I kept finding bits and pieces to use up. 30 plus minutes at the sewing machine :)

The sun's shining and we're all relatively quiet. The temperature has risen considerably over the last day or two and we're feeling the upper 80s. The forecast for the next week is in the 90s all week.

Sunday I spent time working on Pam's quilt while Newton played video games and Honey Do went fishing. Spent the entire afternoon at the sewing machine :)

Goals for the week of June 12, 2017

1. Redwork Quilt
- make and attach label

2. Lace Cabins
- layout

3. Growing Up QAL
- assemble BOM

4. Sheep 
Block 8 of 9

5. Pam's Quilt (church quilt)
- finish framing blocks 

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Cold Front

We've had a major shift in temperatures this week. After some rain over the weekend, temperatures dropped down into the 60s and stayed overcast with threatening skies that through Wednesday hadn't produced any rain. The forecast for next week is in the 90s !!!

Wednesday began with stitching on the sheep.

Block done.  I only have two more to do :)

I put away the supplies from the Easter wall hanging project. I left it on the quilt rack so I can show it to Mom when she comes on Thursday. She was very excited to hear that I had finally finished it.

After morning chores, I put in my sewing time on the blocks for the Lace Cabins.

Wednesday afternoon I took some time to clean and reorganize a closet and small cabinet and pack up some more things for the donations pick up Monday.

After Newton got home from school, we went to the library. He listened to music and played video games. I checked emails, read some blogs and played on Pinterest - this something I rarely do these days unless I'm looking for something specific. We grabbed dinner on the way home and relaxed.

After dinner would be spent finishing the binding on the Redwork quilt.

And we are officially done :)
I have mixed emotions about being finished because I've spent so much time working on it, but I am absolutely thrilled with the end results.

Moving on to the next UFO - the Lace Cabins from Crabapple Hill. I started this last fall. These were actually large blocks and I have chosen not to cut them down in an effort to make the quilt larger. That means adjusting how the quilt will be finished, so I won't be using the suggested finish in the pattern :) Always the rebel :) I designed a new layout - my version.

* - lace cabin layout drawing

Evening spent as so many have been lately, working on the sheep stitchery.

Thursday dawned with another quilt pushing its way to the forefront of my brain:  The Teacups Quilt, another one from Crabapple Hill.

I can't remember how long ago I finished the stitching on these The other day when I was at Pat Catan's I say a gorgeous floral line that called to me and said it was right for this project. And the reason I felt so were the pink buds in this particular block.

I, again, wanted a different layout from the suggested finish.

(image from Pinterst)

When I first saw this a number of years ago, I didn't think I had the ability to do this type of finish. At that time, I was just stitching and putting things away. It was not actually on my radar to finish a quilt. Since then, I've made a few and feel a little more confident to not only begin this, but to actually finish it. The alternate blocks are only using two fabrics and that's where my rose print and green come in. I still have to stitch the header, that may be my next stitching project :)

While I was out purchasing my fabric, I stopped at the local discount store. It's my favorite place, besides Amazon, to purchase books.

I found some new healthy cookbooks - all three of these were less than $10.00 !!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon working at the sewing machine. I'm really liking setting aside at least 30 minutes of sewing each day. I can't get over how much I'm getting accomplished and prioritizing.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Humid days

Early Monday morning, 3 a.m. ish, a thunder storm rolled through. It must have been short because I went right back to sleep. The rains are welcome, especially for the vegetable garden, but the humidity, not so much.

I made decent progress on the binding for the Redwork on Sunday. It would have been unbearable on my lap with all the humidity and 85 degree temperatures, so I folded it and did the hand sewing on the dining room table.

I got the blocks for the "Church Quilt" colored Sunday night sitting in the Lazy Boy trying to watch a movie. When I got to hot, I went back to the quilt where there was a nice breeze coming in the dining room window.

These quilt blocks were being colored by my third and fourth grade Sunday School class for the children's minister. I'm going to work on it over the summer and we'll present it to her for Pastor appreciation month in October. We used Sharpie and fabric markers. We did a community service project a few years ago using this method and they came out great. The fabric and markers were donated by one of my co-leaders. Therefore, I volunteered to make the quilt and supply the finishing fabrics.

I thought I had everything I needed to work on Easter, but as I started I decided I wanted a different sashing.

Last week on a visit to Pat Catan's I discovered a new fabric department. It's not huge but it does have a really nice selection of "blenders". These are my favorite fabrics to work with. They are a good quality and with my rewards card only $4.99/yard !!!

My goal was to get the pieces assembled Monday and after purchasing the purple print, I set about doing just that. The fabric I used to select my floss colors with which to stitch is going to be the backing because it was just to busy for the stitching and embellishing I did in this project. I managed to not only assemble but sandwiched and pin this little project.

Tuesday morning I got my sewing time in early with some mending and then quilted the Easter wall hanging. I am so pleased with the way this turned out.  
Honey Do left around 10 a.m. for his business trip. I have my laundry and other household chores done and planned simple meals with Newton. I want to spend as much time on my goals this week as possible.

I worked diligently between the sheep and Easter all of Tuesday.
All that was left on Easter was the binding.

The wall hanging is DONE :)

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Goal Report for the week of June 4, 2017

Goals for the week of June 4, 2017

1. Redwork 
- finish binding - DONE

2. Easter/30 Minutes Sewing
- Assemble - DONE

3. Sheep/stitching
- Stitch one block - DONE

4. UFO - Lace Cabins
- begin sewing blocks - DONE

- purchase fabrics for sashing, borders, backing
I didn't get out to make any purchases, but I did find a couple of pieces in my stash that might work :)

5. Church quilt
- finish coloring blocks - DONE

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Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Computer issues continue, so I'm going to start planning my weekends as family time and catching up on projects and things that didn't get done all week. Those should be minimal with all my efforts to stay home as much as possible. To that end, I would only be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There's not enough going on in my world to post more often than that. 

There is less than a month left for school for my son. About five or six weeks until Vacation Bible School. I'm making slow progress on that front. Having a very difficult time coming up with crafts for grades one through three.

Here's how my weekend progressed:

Friday began with chores. I had plenty of supplies for meals so I didn't need to go shopping, although I have stopped for fresh produce.

The weekend began with a movie marathon that only last Friday, LOL.

I've been collecting over the last week and just didn't take time to watch. I'll work on them again Monday :)

In between movies, I sorted through boxes in the guest room and worked on the quilt. I got in over an hour of sewing time on the machine.

I broke my stitching time up between early morning and evening and got in more than an hour there too.

Saturday got an early start, around 7 a.m. Don't you just love when you can sleep in and you can't? I'm a morning person, love getting up early, but once in a while I'd like to sleep past 7 !!!

Breakfast and morning chores done, I worked on the quilt - most of the day. I finally moved on to sides three and four, for a total of three hours sewing machine time !!! In between working on the quilt I accomplished some other goals. It's a gorgeous day here.

It's a perfect day to get some gardening done. I've been collecting shredded paper from Mom and my own. It's supposed to make a good mulch. I didn't have enough for the whole garden, but I have more shredding to do and it will get there eventually.

While in the garden I had to get these gorgeous red roses, this picture doesn't do them justice as they are a really dark red and resemble red velvet. Dark and rich.

Spring has finally sprung indoors, as well. The Easter decorations are all packed up and put away for another year.

With all my energy expended on the quilt, I progressed on nothing else for the rest of the day.

Sunday was a different story. After church, lunch, pups, I took some time to work out the details for the lace cabins. My goal for this week was to have them sandwiched and to quilt one block each day. This was a serious case of cart before horse !! Originally I was going to follow the assembly instructions but it only finishes to a 52 x 52 inch (?-size). I want something to fit my bed = 60 x 80 inches !! This led me to change the layout.

Once I got the layout, I could do the math so I can get my sashing, borders and backing fabrics because I don't have large enough pieces in my stash. I pulled my "block rows" fabric from the leftovers from this project and my stash, then started cutting. I wasn't able to get to the sewing. The sewing challenge is officially done, but I still want to find sewing time at least six days of the week.

We cheated for dinner and got take out, but I made a simple dessert. One of my favorite genres on television is cooking shows on PBS Create. And this was one of the recipes this weekend.

I modified it a bit for portion and visual presentation. Base is pre-made pound cake topped with a pudding/cool whip blend and fresh berries. I can see this with all kinds of other fruits to change it up.

Ok, on to the goals:

1. Redwork
- quilt - DONE
- binding - pinned, hand sewing begun

2. Sheep
- stitch on block - DONE, another one begun

3. Easter
- assemble - not yet

4. Lace Cabins
- sandwich - not yet
- quilt - not yet
layout planned, math done, fabric for block rows chose and cut.

Goals for this week will be in a separate post.

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