Saturday, February 27, 2021


I have become a terrible blogger . . . 

To the point, I have continuous debates with myself about whether or not I should continue with my blog.

while ago, a friend told me that she blogs more for herself as a record of what she's been doing than to let everyone else know what's going on. wise words from a wise friend. without sounding self-centered, it really is about self, isn't it? 

To that end, it's the last weekend of the month of February!! That means I will be catching up all the things I haven't yet accomplished this month, or even this past week.

Here's what needs to happen this last weekend, before I get to report my goals for the month:

To more loaves of summer squash bread in the oven. It as starting to go bad and I needed to use it up. I already made four loaves.

Laundry - does it ever really stop?

Finish my sister's quilt. I'm on the last border and it's almost done. 
Binding and it can go to it's new home :)

Finish this audio book. 
I'll do this as I finish the quilt :)

Here's hoping for a successful weekend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

February's Goals

Since 2020 was such a "challenging" year, it seems everyone is calling their event a challenge.

There are challenges in everyone's life. I'm no exception, but while last year had it's ups and downs it was a normal year for us.

The only challenges being faced at the moment is the weather.

Nice one day, snow the next. Decent temperatures, then bitterly cold. And some rain for the last weekend of  February!!


Yes, those are daffodils poking out of the snow. The rain has melted most of the snoand there are even peeks of sunshine to warm the air.

On to February's "challenges" and goals . . .

 Rainbow scrap challenge - This month's color is yellow.

I turned all the bits and pieces of yellow I could find and made doll quilts for A Doll Like Me.

Table Runner Challenge - This will be yellow, also.

My OMG is to quilt and bind this quilt for my sister. She chose the fabrics and layout, and I put it together for her. She is absolutely thrilled with it !!






Stitchery goal is to finish the March Calendar Girl.

Mile-a-Minute Challenge

This is a crochet challenge that began in January. I needed to get yarn so I could get January and February caught up. I'm doing this on with my sister.

And an add on just or this month, Crabapple Hill sponsored a stitch-along. The pattern is on her website.

They are all stitched and ready to be finished and mounted. There are 28 in total, one each day.