Saturday, September 20, 2014

FNSI - the recap

My FNSI wasn't quite as productive as I would have liked. I've really got to fix my "mojo" button :(


I started this project earlier in the month and thought it was a good way to get some hand-quilting practice. It's not my favorite pastime or method. And yes, I'm going to be critical of myself, my stitches aren't even. But having said that, I'm still liking how the project is turning out. I used a polyester batting and it's not the easiest medium to stitch through. However, it's giving me enough cushion that my palm tree is actually turning out dimensional. It's a method I learned years ago from Mom called "trepunto" (not sure if I spelled it correctly). Unfortunately, you can't see it in the photos.

I am off to see how everyone else faired. Want to join me? You can find the list of participants here.
Thanks Wendy for being our hostess.

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Wishing you a creative weekend.


Maria said...

Hope your mojo returns in full soon but your palm tree is looking great..

retdairyqueen said...

Mojo is sometimes hard to find
Your palm tree looks great
Ilike trapunto work

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks good and will be more even the more you do it. I don't like hand quilting through polyester, either, and if I have to, I want it to be Quilter's Dream, just like the only cotton I use. =)

Annette-California said...

Beautiful Palm tree and stitching! You had a great FNSI! love Annette