Sunday, April 24, 2016

Busy, blessed Sunday

My Sunday is started BLESSED !

My Wool BOM is FINALLY all hand-quilted !!!


It's not completely finished . . . yet.
But the hand-quilting is done !!
I still need to bind it and put a hanger on it so it can be displayed.
I am so thrilled with this part of the process finished I just had to tell you all.

In celebration (not that he knew he was celebrating with me), Honey Do put up the quilt rack that was gifted to me by BF. 
BTW, the wall is actually green, not blue - don't you just love cell phone cameras ?
Not sure how soon the wall hanging will be done, but it is officially in the home stretch.

It's been chilly the last few mornings, but that's not stopping Rocky from being outside and saying god morning to the neighbors :)

More work being done in the garden - Honey Do helped me put up new fencing. 
We are attempting to keep the deer out. So we removed the chicken wire and used a heavier mesh. I'm going to get some 2x boards that are about 8 feet long and we are going to run the chicken wire (or facsimile thereof) around the top - above what we just installed - to make it taller and hopefully discourage admittance. So far I only have seeds planted, but now is the time to make the changes before things really start growing.

I found this wind chime while I was digging out the fencing. The original string was rotted so I rigged it so that I could still use it. I didn't want to take the time to figure out how it was assembled and then find the right size string to fix it properly. I'll find some time in the next week to do that, but I wanted to just get it up in the garden. It was too pretty not to use now.

OK - all of this was done before 1 p.m. !!!

So that gives me plenty of time this afternoon to prepare my Bible study lesson for the kids and maybe even work on my Wool BOM.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my joy.

Wishing you countless blessings.

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