Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trying to stay motivated . . .

 I've been having a hard time the last couple of weeks. I know it's kind of that time of year. It's been raining and chilly, although the last couple of days have been really nice.

Also, the garden is giving me it's last hurrahs for the season.

Some grape tomatoes, the peppers are mostly done I just haven't pulled the plants yet. 

The zucchini is giving me some beautiful new blooms and growth. There are some really small zucchini I'm watching. Although I think they would survive a frost because they are cold weather plants.

In an effort to boost my mood and show my family I really do love them, I made this peanut butter cup pie. It's REALLY !!!! rich, so a small piece goes a long way.

My plans and goals for Wednesday are to work on the Christmas stocking wall hangings. I have four of them stitched now, ready for sandwiching and quilting.

It's a challenge on a small, table-top machine, but we'll make it work. You use what you have. Bindings will match the backings. Those are cut and just need to be sewn. Once all that's done there are a few buttons to just add a little something extra.

Rocky has outgrown most of the coats I made him last winter. So that's on the agenda for this week too, at least one.

We pulled out new, old toys. I'd like to make him some new of those too. I'm not finding anything in the stores I like or am willing to pay those prices for :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


Melody said...

Sorry life has been tough lately. Beautiful sewing and growing. Love seeing Rocky too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have the blues, too. Your package came today and really cheered me up! You should stop looking for mine. I straightened the top of one of my fabric cabinets today ... and there were your blocks. I guess I had put them there, meaning to put them in an envelope. Who knows what was in the other envelope I mailed last week, or to whom I sent it! LOL I will mail to you again (for the first time, of course!) on Tuesday when I go out to vote. I'm so sorry, but maybe it will come at a time when you need cheering even more!

I love your stockings. You whipped four of those up pretty fast! I should do something half so cute.