Monday, December 19, 2016

Snow Day !!!!

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I was supposed to work Wednesday.

We got snow, but it's the wind and frigid temperatures that kept Newton home from school, and consequently me home from work.

And that's ok, because I have more than enough to keep me busy.

I started my morning by Christmas shopping the internet.

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Once that was done, I finished the second to last pair of pajamas. . .

On to the last pair . . .

That done . . . 

It was time to wrap and get them ready to take to Mom's this week, before Christmas. These are being finished Monday morning between chores.
Newton is out of school for the next two weeks.
Time to play catch up.

Newton and I spent some time at the library. Fortunately they were still open. It was nice to be able to have time to do what I wanted/needed to get done. The library and lunch out were our reward for getting the other things done - Newton shoveled the driveway.

We will enjoy the rest of the day and hope for the last day of school for this (calendar) year on Friday. Then we have holidays for Christmas and New Year's. 

Who else thinks this year has gone into warp speed?

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Warp Factor 5, Scottie. I'm glad you had time to finish those last PJs. Newton deserves an attaboy for that shoveling. We haven't had any snow yet, but I'm not planning to get out and shovel anything when we do - don't even have a shovel! I think I used a cookie sheet last year on the one time it was so icy and I wanted the ice out of the drive - just in the tracks for the tires, mind you. LOL

It is COLD here, even with no snow!