Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day late . . . or two . . .

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and now it's been a week!!!

My intentions this year were to blog on a more regular basis, but I'm failing miserably. The best I've managed lately is once a week - twice on a really good week.

I don't really have new to share.

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I've been working. . . more than I thought I would.

I spent a week ago Thursday morning with Mom - really enjoyed that visit.

Then I spent Thursday afternoon with BF - we finally had our "Christmas".
She was way too generous.
Some really great, fun fabrics, among quite a few other goodies. I'm really blessed

I wasn't feeling great over the last weekend, so definitely nothing got done. I need to seriously un-bury my dining room table so I can get to work on the last block of the lace cabins.

Last Saturday, I spent the morning with my guys at the Sportsman's Show. I'm really not interested except for what they both enjoy.

This was the "greeter".
It was very cool to see such imagination and creativity. Honey Do was naming the various components.

And now another week has past. Of course, the busier we are the faster the time goes.

I have managed to start a new project, however, this one is more along the lines of learning and honing skills.

Here's your link.

And here's my first assignment :)

This was a lesson in raw edge machine applique.
The rose is all cut out in one piece and consequently, appliqued the same way. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. There are 12 lessons, so to that end I've sandwiched and machine quilted it and will have a finished quilt at the end of the year. Very excited about that prospect.

There's one basic, unbreakable rule. In order to get the next "lesson" you must complete and post the assignment. Incentive to get it done and keep going. How often do we start strong and never finish. All the other information is on the site. Hope you'll join us.

It's Sunday again. After I finalize my lessons for Bible study I'll be working on the lace cabin. I'm in the home stretch and am hoping to finish block six this month. I'll post block five later this week. 

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

Thanks for stopping by.


AlidaP said...

Your first block for the QAL is really beautiful!! Thanks for joining the event and for linking up your picture on the blog!!

Anonymous said...

You have an active, busy life! I like your rose, very pretty. That's one I didn't know about, so thanks for the heads up. I'll post it on QuiltBOM now! Your mom and best friend in the same day - what a great day!