Monday, February 13, 2017

I WILL Get Something Done

Friday . . . 

There's no school . . . 

and I WILL get something done !!!!

It was really cold, especially after the warm up earlier in the week. So I took Newton to the library and came home. My plan is to work on my goal list and watch movie - an absolutely perfect day !!

My first goal was a little fleece jacket

A UFO of several years ago. It was supposed to be a gift for BF's youngest daughter - who is now a freshman in college !! Honestly, it would probably still fit she's so small, but definitely not her style.

I love the embroidery :)

Anyway, I have a great-niece who I'm hoping will love it. Some hand sewin while watching TV and I'm calling this one done !!

With that goal accomplished, I moved on to the desk in my sewing room.

Before :(

I promised myself 30 minutes per week, minimum, to try to purge and reorganize. It's not a big space. The computer needs a virus removed before I can use it again. Unfortunately, this space becomes a catch-all. There's probably a lot more I could get rid of.

After :)

A little at a time - it will get done.
For the rest of the afternoon, I spent it working on the lace cabin. I drew off the "cabin and quilt blocks" earlier in the week.

I pulled the fabric and lace, colored and heat-set all the pieces parts. It's a very time consuming process. Choosing just the right trims is not an easy process for me.

Once all the decision-making is done, it will be another project for the lazy boy and "puppy-lap".

We do love our snuggle time.

So how did I do on my goals:

1.  Lace Cabin

A few more finishing touches and it will be complete - one more week should do it.

2. 9-Patches - DONE

Swap patches

"stash patches"

3.  Fleece Jacket - DONE

4. Apron stitchery - DONE

5. Sewing Room - 30 mins. DONE

And now my goals for the week ending 2/18/17:

1. Lace Cabin
- finish block 6
- trim all the blocks to size

2. Magic Apron (UFO) 
- try sewing it together

3. Seasons Redwork (UFO)
- stitch blocks 5-8

4. Growing Up QAL
- assemble 2 blocks for February
- machine quilt
- post link

5. Sewing Room - 30 minutes.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

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Wendyb said...

you are on fire girl! Yep....and an desk looks just like yours! (before!) We really must catch up...been way too long! xoxox