Sunday, April 2, 2017

And the rains just keep coming . . .


Friday's forecast:  90% chance of rain

We've had rain off and on all week and for once the weatherman was accurate.

With all this rain, the back yard is virtually useless for the next few weeks. After that I'll be in the garden. I saw my first advertisement for mulch this week. I've been waiting and the purchase will be the next step to spring yard work.

It's been a mostly relaxing week  with not much getting done on the home front. It's spring break, thought I should enjoy it too.

Friday morning was spent catching up emails, a trip to the grocery store for dinner supplies and the library for a couple of movies and a book.

The afternoon was spent quilting the first row of Redwork.

I just did simple quilting inside the block and around the stitching. I'm using a very light-weight machine that really doesn't even fee the blocks well. It does OK on single thickness but if you add any bulk at all, it fights you - so that's what's up with the uneven stitching. It will have to do until I decide on what kind of machine I want, need and have to spend.

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