Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hectic days

My days lately have been so very hectic. More than usual. Doctors and dentists . . . Scheduling and rescheduling . . . Dropping off and picking up. . . Cooking, cleaning and laundry. And shopping . . . Christmas and groceries. My thoughts are running rampant with baking and gift wrapping.
And this week, add to the mix, a part-time temporary job for the next few weeks.

I'm still looking for time to relax and do stitch-y things. I have a start on my Holly Cottage Christmas. Actually, I've made a pretty good dent in the number of blocks that need drawn and prepared for applique.

I managed to get some Christmas decorating done this week also.

My little trees kept falling over, so I put them in these little baskets and filled them with sand to weigh them down. They needed a little dressing up.

I found this adorable checked ribbon at Michael's and made the bows. Definitely helps. Mom suggested wrapping some empty boxes (I might have to weigh them down with bricks :) I'm thinking about it. Reminding myself that Christmas isn't just about the material things.

Speaking of which . . .

My very good friend, Susan, has presented us with this challenge on her blog. I'm taking the challenge. It's to make one block per day during advent. it works out to 20 blocks if you don't make one on Sunday, but you could always make two on Monday :) That's enough blocks to make a quilt top, which is suggested to put together between Christmas and New Year's. Then we are encouraged to donate the top/completed quilt to our favorite charity. Hope you are able to join us. We could all make such a difference with such little effort.

Now to the other end of the spectrum, look what I received this week from my Shoebox Swap partner:

24 gorgeous fat quarters. . . Aurifil thread and an adorable USB flash drive in the shape of a rotary cutter. 

Chocolate !! GODIVA chocolate !!!! I am in so much trouble !!!! 
And the little purple box?  The sweetest little needle book !!!

Every page has these sweet little, vintage lace motifs. I just love it. My partner, Tracy, did a fantastic job of choosing all the things I love.

Wishing you a blessed week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Susan said...

Tracey did a fabulous job! Thanks for the plug for the challenge. =) Is there any chocolate left? LOL The trees are adorable. I love them in the baskets with the big bows!