Sunday, October 20, 2019

No Shortage of Things To Do

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There is never a shortage of things to do for me. Just when I think I can sit down and stitch or read, I think of something else that I need to do . . . now !!!

This week started with a full moon.


Talking to Mom, a long time gardener, the October full moon usually means there's a killing, heavy frost coming.  That means all the delicate, fragile plants need to be protected over the coming winter months. Any vegetables in the garden need to be harvested.

My sister has been supplying me with uneaten hay from her horses to use as mulch. I used it in the vegetable garden last season and now it will be used in the flower beds.

There was no sewing on Friday, as Newton and I helped Mom dismantle one of her gardens. She has these really large stones - 30 to 50 pound stones - that had to be removed so the area can go back to grass and mown. Once that was done, we went to my sister's to pick up hay. I spent about an hour Saturday morning emptying the bags and spreading the hay.

We are ready for frost and snow :)

Then I took a walk around the yard to see what was left of summer . . . 




Once my Saturday chores were finished, I could sit down an sew. The project on tab is the Suburbs quilt. I still needed to finish "roofing" the houses. That takes a while when there are 68 of them to do !!!

The first four rows are laid out, five is done and six is in the works. Then I only have three more rows and I can start making trees :)

Even though the mornings have been a little chilly, Rocky and I continue to walk. Friday morning, we had company.


The pictures don't come out great at 5 a.m., but you can see that it's a buck. We only typically see them during autumn. The does we see all year around.

We also walk during the evening hours. Friday evening's sunset was absolutely gorgeous. These colors are true to what we actually saw. No distortions or enhancements from me.

Aren't they gorgeous !!!!

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Wishing you a weekend filled with the things that make and keep you happy.

Trust in the LORD for ever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.

Isaiah 26:4 NIVUK


Susan said...

An absolutely beautiful sunset! And that buck! What a wonderful sight so early in the morning - glad he was out before traffic got heavy. Your houses are looking great! I'm excited you are so far along. Gosh, that rosebush just doesn't quit, does it? In Arizona, we usually had roses for Christmas, but in Ohio to have them for Halloween would be a real treat! I saw the one on Mom's bush was hanging on, too. I'm glad you are ready for the winter freeze - I'm sure Newt was happy when Saturday was over. LOL And what a gorgeous, gorgeous moon picture set!

K Reeves said...

The photos of your flowers and sunsets are spectacular, Edi! We already have had numerous frosts, and the first one came with 6 inches of snow! Only the Brussels sprouts still hanging out in the garden now. DH has been going to the park compost dumpsters and retrieving bags of leaves, and has given the entire garden a good 6 inches worth of ash leaves. Now he's collecting so that come summer we have carbon to counteract the grass clippings!