Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Finally Sewing !!!

 It's been a long time trying to get into the sewing room. I have wanted to sew but it just wasn't happening.  I managed to get some hours at work last week which was a very good thing. And the promise of more soon. I did some cleaning, also a good thing. Bible study and preschoolers :) There as even a little time with Mom!!

As for stitching, I managed to get the rest of my Vintage Kitchen caught up.

I will finish the project in January when there is a little more time.

I managed to finish the first Gingerbread Village house. I need to check and see how many more there are so I can get them caught up.

I have been working on bowl cozies. I joined a swap that had us make and exchange these. They are quick and fun to make. I also made extras to put in the gift closet and just have them on hand.

I also managed to find some time for Suburbs. If you remember, I started this project at the beginning of October when Susan came for a visit. I was really hoping to have the top finished by the end of October, but that didn't happen.

All the houses are done, and by the end of the weekend all of the trees were assembled as well. 
Next step is to begin to assemble the rows, hopefully over the weekend.

Autumn in NE OH - full to empty, finally some frost.



We had a decent afternoon one day last week. These trees are all in my backyard. Leaves are coming down fast and there is even snow in the forecast.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with the things that make and keep you happy.

However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.

1 Peter 4:16 NIVUK


Allie said...

Great projects!!!! Your backyard looks like mine, lol - although it snowed today, and not all the leaves have fallen. Sigh.

Farm Quilter said...

Another follower of Jenny!!! I hate handwork but love looking at what she designs. I know I will never attempt any of her patterns, but I do love reading her blog. Your Vintage Kitchen is going to be gorgeous...I really like your duck fabric!! Nice to have you back sewing!

Joy McD said...

All your embroidery blocks are so pretty! I have some soup bowl cosines on my to do list , need to get busy!xx

Susan said...

I very much like the 30s around the Jenny blocks. I love my cozies! Your first GB house looks great! I see you took some crayons to it, transferring knowledge from Girls one! Trees done! Yay - that's where I've stalled. LOL

At least you had a little fall. We didn't have too much, but your trees look pretty. I saw how cold it was up there today. And tomorrow colder. We will be dropping lower than you one night next week! I can't believe it. LOL Wish you were here. =)

K Reeves said...

I too miss my sewing room when things get so busy; glad you have been back in yours again! The suburbs quilt is going to be a dandy, and your vintage kitchen blocks go perfectly with the fabrics you chose! A lovely batch of sewing there.