Monday, July 27, 2020

Intentional Breaks

A very good friend of mine is taking an intentional break from blogging. 

I really admire her for this. It is so hard to walk away, even for a short period of time.

Honestly, I think we should. Intentionally. With a plan.

These are stressful times. Lots of uncertainty.
I usually head into things without much of a plan. A vague sketch, maybe. Never anything concrete. This approach works sometimes, not always.

To that end, without a sewing machine for the time being, a plan might just work for me :)

Honey Do and I have been discussing and shopping the real estate market. Talk about stressful !!!

We walk daily. It has been amazing the conversations we have had over the last month about houses, what we want, where we want, what we can live with and without. What price range. How many bedrooms. Acreage.

We have finally agreed that we would rather not have a mortgage. 
We would like a minimum of two bedrooms, preferably three (that's my preference). We would like a basement, but not required. We would like a minimum of one acre, preferably more. He would like us to live within an hour's drive of work (not unreasonable). I would like to live closer to my mom and sister (40 minutes away now). 

We would like to not have to do anything much beyond new paint.

We thought we had something, it looked very promising. There was only one obstacle. It ended up being immovable and consequently everything fell apart over the weekend.

It's painful, but I'm trusting my Lord and Savior to provide as He promises. I have faith in Him. For now, it's not the right time. Mom's is safe and secure in her home and we talk at least once a day. My sister and I have a refreshed and renewed relationship. It's been strained at times, but I was blessed by her endless generosity over the past week. Her loyalty to Mom and I. How much I enjoy just sitting and talking to her and sharing her garden and front porch.

Hurt and disappointed, I know that I/we need to move on and past this. God will provide the perfect home for us, just when we least expect it.

In the meantime, purge, clean, reorganize, and stitch :)

(Image from Elefantz)

Hope you all have a good, productive month.
Stay safe and healthy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Don't worry about anything; 
instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need, thank him for all he has  done.
Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. He will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Phillipians 4: 6-7


Susan said...

Yes, be ready for that move, in case it comes fast upon you at some point. I know we've had friends who seemed to be coming to a dive off a cliff, but the Lord stepped in at the right time and brought something that worked perfectly. Against all expectations. The Philippians verse is perfect, in any version. Wonderful stitching going on at your house!

K Reeves said...

The right house will come along, and the Lord will let you know! You and are are stitching the same block!

Sherrie said...

Beautiful stitching...have a great day!

Farm Quilter said...

Do you remember when Jenny was looking for their first house to buy? How many looked perfect and how many times they needed to keep looking? Until the house that had more then they thought they wanted (the pool) was shown to be the perfect house for them!! Praying for you during the hunt to wait on God's perfect timing and guidance!