Sunday, January 31, 2021

Busy, Productive January

January has gone by all too quickly, at least for me. I had intended to be better about my blogs this year, but that's starting off a little rough too. I have managed to stay home quite a bit since all the work at Mom's house is done and it sold in November. December was very quiet and no one here is complaining about that.

So this post is going to be my end of the month report. All the challenges are linked back to the hosting sites.

what kept me busy, productive and creative:

 Stitch 52 Minis

There are 52 miniatures stitcheries in this series. They come four or five per month. I stitched many of them before I finally decided to make them into monthly wall hangings. Each month had a different theme.




Calendar Girls

I collected these blocks of the month several years ago. I debated making them into a quilt and decided I liked them better individually. Are you seeing a theme of smaller projects? I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I am taking them a step further by embellishing them with buttons, beads and charms.


The March block is in progress. Should have no trouble getting it done on time.

I signed up to do this annual event for the first time. I have tons of fabric and scraps that have been hanging around for years. I chose a block of the month pattern that I did last year with a sewing group from facebook. Every block is half square triangles. I love all the variations of the pattern and the colors. This months challenge color:  Pink. I chose to do all 12 blocks so I can make a donation quilt. These blocks love scrappy :)







RSC has an additional challenge happening simultaneously with the original challenge and that is the Table Runner Challenge. You are linked and can read all the particulars. Those of us participating in the scrap challenge are encourage to use the color of the month. 

I decided to use all my bits an pieces and make a really scrappy runner.

It still needs sandwiched and bound, but it's a finish.

I couldn't leave well enough alone, I signed up for this challenge too. This month's goal is to make these blocks. I found this collection in a clearance bin at my local shop. I was expecting 12 inch blocks. Imagine my surprise at only six inch blocks !! Not only that, but there are only ten blocks, not the customary 12. New patterns, size, monochromatic colors. All new to me.






This is my favorite layout, but it only takes an odd number of blocks. I love the monochromatic, neutral tones. I debated about adding another border and making it a baby quilt, but I haven't made a final decision. 

The leftover block, it's going to be a small pillow :)

Leftover HSTs became a tiny pin cushion :)

Other  Projects

I started this pillow in early December but ran out of time to finish before Christmas. I wasn't going to let it become another ufo, so it's finished nofor next year. The pattern is from Crabapple Hill.

My sister and I worked on a quilt for her. She loves horses and has been collecting fabrics for some time. e have it to the pin basting stage. Almost ready to be quilted.

Clean Up the Table Challenge

I'm creating my own challenge. I'm calling it the Clean Up the Table Challenge. I work on my dining room table. It's a small room and my table takes up 3/4 of it. I've organized it as best as I can for the moment. Consequently, my table becomes a catch-all as often as not. for this challenge, my goal is to have whatever projects have landed on it done by the end of the month.

Here is the before

And the list of TO DO's:

1. relocate box of thread - done
2. make tote bags - ran out of time, put them away
3. mend t-shirt - done
4. make OMG blocks - done
5. make RSC blocks - done
6. flannel - mend blanket, make two pairs of pj pants - I decided the blanket was too thread bare and it left; pjs, ran out of time, put away
7. gifts - box and mail - done
8. cookbooks/craft books - put away or return to the library - done
9. John Wayne panel - pull fabrics for new quilt - done
10. box of notions - put away - done
11. wool - prep new project - put away
12. scraps - make a scrap quilt block - on going
13. plastic bags - put away - done

A - N - D . . . .

I haven't blogged consistently in a long time, but as you can see I'm still productive and I can't complain about that.


Susan said...

Wow, that was a LOT of pink blocks! Happy I could help with scraps. LOL The embroidies, of course, are gorgeous. You do such lovely work.

I hadn't realized those blocks were only 6". Don't know how I missed that, but they do look wonderful. I'd go for another border and making it a baby quilt, if you have a charity or baby in mind. Otherwise, save it until something comes up. It always does!

That's going to be a nice panel quilt. Marla has a panel somewhat like that in her husband's quilt - on the back of his cowboy boots. =)

Congratulations on a clear table! So what will you do for February? LOL

Patty said...

Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

You have had a great month, isn't it nice when we have a peaceful and quiet month? Ours has been great! Very nice work! Hugs