Saturday, February 27, 2021


I have become a terrible blogger . . . 

To the point, I have continuous debates with myself about whether or not I should continue with my blog.

while ago, a friend told me that she blogs more for herself as a record of what she's been doing than to let everyone else know what's going on. wise words from a wise friend. without sounding self-centered, it really is about self, isn't it? 

To that end, it's the last weekend of the month of February!! That means I will be catching up all the things I haven't yet accomplished this month, or even this past week.

Here's what needs to happen this last weekend, before I get to report my goals for the month:

To more loaves of summer squash bread in the oven. It as starting to go bad and I needed to use it up. I already made four loaves.

Laundry - does it ever really stop?

Finish my sister's quilt. I'm on the last border and it's almost done. 
Binding and it can go to it's new home :)

Finish this audio book. 
I'll do this as I finish the quilt :)

Here's hoping for a successful weekend.


Deanna said...

Hmmm...does "infrequent blogger" mean the same thing as "terrible blogger"? I don't think so. You do you. And we will enjoy it when we can.

Susan said...

What Deanna said. =) I hope your Saturday was filled with all the things you wanted to accomplish and your sister's quilt is finished now. And the book.