Friday, April 2, 2021

April Goals

 March is gone all too quickly, even productively. It's time to think ahead to April.

April's Goals:

 Rainbow Scrap Challenge 

This month's color is bright and light blue.

1. Table Runner

3. Susan's BOM

4. Doll Quilt and Go

5. Baby Quilt

6. Calendar Girl - May

7. Tilda BOM

9. Anything else I can't remember :)

There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on here, most not related to sewing, quilting or stitching. 

Newton is getting ready to go into the military, just waiting for said military to get in touch with him.

Honey Do's dad is moving back.

The house hunting has begun, although it hasn't become a full time project just yet. This will involve sorting, purging and packing up non-essentials, but things we are keeping. Lots to keep me busy :)


Susan said...

Definitely lots to keep you busy. I need to get the next block up while I can still use WP. =P

Rebecca Grace said...

That BOM block is gorgeous. Yes, it does seem you have a lot of life changes swirling around you right now. I wish you and your loved ones all the best through these life transitions, and I wish you all a blessed Easter!