Friday, August 29, 2014

Enjoying a Long Weekend

Enjoying a long weekend at home. Honey Do took a couple of days off for the holiday and his birthday. Feeling blessed. We spent some time shopping at Sam's Club - I know, but we needed dog food and when you can get twice as much for the same price as other retailers it's worth it.

Honey Do thought this brownie assortment made a pretty good birthday cake :) I'm good with that if it makes him happy and it did.

We enjoyed a relaxing dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant so that he could have oysters - it's all I can do just to sit at the same table. Not sure how people eat them. Can you tell I'm not much for seafood? :)

We spent some time relaxing in the backyard  while the dogs played. We also shopped the garden. We are being abundantly blessed with this year's harvest.

* * * * *

I managed to carve some me time, too.


The second quilt top for VBS is done. Don't you just love seeing linens billowing in the breeze on a clothesline? I do. It's an absolutely gorgeous morning. With the storms that ran through here the other night the temperatures dropped. It was just 50 overnight and this morning is pleasantly cool. Enough to wear denims when we've been wearing shorts and capris. Autumn is most definitely in the air :) I'm excited for the change of seasons. Each season brings it's rewards and things to look forward to.

I've also bee doing some "me" and "gift" sewing.


This one is the gift. I'm going to save this one for next year. BFF loves aprons. I thought I would make one per month and give them to her. What do you think? This one is for March.


This is a Daisy Kingdom fabric that I've had for more years than I care to admit. I have always loved this line of fabrics. I decided to make an apron for myself.

* * * * * 

This is Nina helping me make dinner. Actually, she's just hoping I drop something. She gets in between the cabinets and me, so it's difficult to work and how she manages to get rewarded. Of course, I really don't mind.

* * * * *

Thank you for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.


Wendyb said...

such a wonderful way to spend a long weekend....happy birthday wishes to HoneyDo! I'm a lover of oysters too so sorry Edi, I can't relate to your disgust for them!!!! My Hubby can though.....he calls them snot on rocks!!!! LOL Love the apron ideas and in the garden.......perfect! We are blessed arent we? xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

The apron idea is fabulous! She will love that. I like the one you made for you, too. What great bounty grows in your garden this year. Love the quilt in the breeze. =)