Thursday, June 11, 2015


I have been trying to be more consistent with my blogging. For some reason time gets away from me and the first thing to go by the wayside is my blog. Not particularly liking that . . .

This has been a strange year, and priorities have changed. I no longer feel the urge to see how much I can get done, but to enjoy what I'm doing when I'm doing it. Even the most unpleasant tasks (weeding the gardens), have a place and can be enjoyed with the right frame of mind. Not to mention being rewarded at the end of the task with something pretty and pleasant to enjoy.

I managed to get some weeding done before the long awaited rain came. I'm hearing that it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. 


Even among the neglect and the long winter, I was able to find something to smile about.

This rose bush is about 15 years old. It was one of the first Honey Do purchased for me when we moved into this house. Actually, this is the second . . . the first one met its demise at his hand - holding a weed-wacker !!!
I took a cane and put it in the ground, covered with an old glass jar. It rooted and thrives to this day. In the next couple of weeks, I will weed and prune so that it will be viewed in its full glory, as it should be having survived for so long.

The Robin's nest is now empty. I watched Mama watching her last fledgling as it learned to fly a few evenings ago. The wonders of our Heavenly Father. His plans and purposes for the least of his creations - so He tells us. It is a marvel to behold and such a blessing to witness. I'm grateful that the stray cat that comes by every few days didn't find the nest or the babies. I found no feathers anywhere. This was a good clutch - no one got booted. So Mama and Papa found plenty of food for all four of them.

It's been a very dry spring. We haven't had a really good rain in over a month. Just spits and spurts, here and there. The beginning of the week was a little cooler. Today, in the upper 80s !!! We've had rain in the last couple of days. Nothing consistent, off and on. . . a good dousing though :) I'm able to do some weeding in my vegetable garden. I'm about half done with the space. It's going in really late this year. In fact, I'm debating with myself whether to even bother, but I know I'll be sorry in August September that I don't have fresh vegetables to gather or put up for the winter.


Carrots and peas are doing good. The deer haven't been through in a while and the baby rabbits found clover - the leeks didn't come up.

On the sewing/stitchery front, I'm still working on the skirts and I managed to get my Wool class homework finished.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

That wool piece is so pretty. Your garden looks great, thanks for sharing all those pretty roses. I have one rose bush, and it's never done well, though it's five years old. When it blooms, the flowers are gorgeous, but they don't last long, and the leaves are always bug nibbled. I guess it's as tasty as the flowers smell. =)

KERYN B said...

That rose really deserves to survived after the hair cut hubby gave it. Your wool project is gorgeous.