Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cold, wet weekend

It's been another busy week and not much time at home to get things accomplished, but I have managed a few things.


The Wool BOM is now complete. I can't say I'm 100% thrilled with it and the thing that's giving me pause is the button on top of the bud. So it's on and I'll spend some time thinking about it and looking for something I might like better, but for now it will stay put. There were a lot of french knots on this one and the new stitches were the Palestine which borders the bud and a "basket weave" with is the main stem. The instructor called it something else, but I can't remember what it was.


I met BF on Thursday. She's cutting and sewing patchwork flannel quilts for her three children for Christmas this year. The first quilt is on the rack getting machine quilted. The second quilt is in progress and we cut more blocks for construction. The third quilt is still in the planning stages. She brought me two bags of scrap flannels from quilts her mom started, pajamas both of us had made for the children when they wree younger. 

Whenever I feel like doing "something" but not anything "specific" or that requires much brain power, I cut squares for "later". I can only cut scraps for so long. Let's be honest, it's very time consuming because you are working around previous cuts in the fabric and it takes time to lay it out and figure out the most efficient and economical way to cut. I want to get the largest squares I can with the least amount of waste. My blocks range in size from 6.5 inches down to 2.5 inch squares that can be used as random blocks or 9-patches. With whatever is left I try to get 1.5 inch strips for scrap blocks. The rest is waste. As you can see, I have a fairly good collection going. With 9 great-nephews and a great-niece, I could get a lot of quilts made. Needless to say, it won't be this year :)

Rocky and I went for a visit to the vet. The receptionist recommended a store for toys and winter coats, so we stopped.


He got a new coat and sweater and some new toys :)
He's only a little spoiled.

It's time to start prepping dinner -whatever that's going to be and then find something a little more productive to do.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

Rocky? Spoiled? Nah. =) I love the wool block. The button looks fine to me, so moving on is a good idea. I love your stitching on this block. Thanks for sharing the picture. You and BFF are really going to town on cutting and stitching and sewing! I can only cut scraps for a while before my back screams time to quit, so I alternate it with other things.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Well I like the button - but you need to be happy with your choice, so if you see something you like better, go for it. You've done really beautiful work on that, hon. I'm in total awe of your scraps, and I think I need to start doing that myself. What a great plan and a good way to do it, I've been cutting 2" strips for days now for my log cabin and I should have had some already prepped. I like the way you do it.

Rocky is just adorable and boy is he going to be stylish this winter!!