Sunday, October 25, 2015

Play Day (s)

This past week has just flown past me.


Thursday's road trip started here !!! Totally shocked by the gas prices. Mine was still over $2.00/gallon because my little car required plus grade, but what a pleasant surprise to see these prices :)

The day dawned beautifully . . .


The photos aren't very clear, but the colors were amazing !!!

BF and I met for breakfast and shopping.
It's time for me to start thinking about Christmas. We shopped and gathered the supplies I needed to do this wall hanging for my sister-in-law. She collects nutcrackers. I'm starting to thinking about making more than one. BF was beginning to drool :)

I managed to make some time for pattern organizing. I have a tendency to print and stack. It was time to put them in notebooks.

Squishy mail - lots of new 9-patches from Dorothy in Texas :)

Friday, Rocky and I went to the office with Honey Do. He had a project he said he would like my help with. Rocky spent the morning running all over the shop and finally about noon crashed.

Saturday . . .

Time for some overdue gardening. Honey Do tilled while I straightened and pulled all the debris. 
We emptied and spread the compost.This year's garden didn't yield much, I have different plans for next year and they begin with coming up with a way to keep the deer out of the garden. I will purchase my supplies over the winter and when spring breaks, start construction.

I did harvert rosemary, which will not winter. I'll have to plant new next spring. And thyme. I'm going to strip and dry both so I have them for the winter. The thyme will return next spring. Needless to say, the house smells wonderful.

While we worked in the yard and garden cleaning up and putting away in anticipation of winter, all the dogs ran and played with each other and the neighbor's dog. Rocky crashed yet again but I can tell you from watching him that he thoroughly enjoyed the day outside playing.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

That will be an adorable Christmas wallhanging for a nutcracker collector. Good find. Those are our prices, too. I found $1.89 on the way to Nashville to the temple, though! And at Shell, no less. The trees never photograph as the eye sees them. I have several dozen photos I took last week and no time to go through them for posting! Looks like Rocky is settled in nicely to family life.