Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Goal List

This was my February goal list.

1. At least one Christmas/birthday gift per month.

Smallest pj bottoms are done and 10 of 13 tshirts have been purchased.
There are 2 more pairs cut out to be sewn.

2.  UFOs/WIP 


Patriotic Mystery row quilt.
Top is finished, label is finished.
Need to get batting and backing, then ready to be quilted.

3.  Wool BOM 

Blocks have been trimmed and placement has been decided - of course I changed up the layout :)
Trying to decide if I want to stitch a border. Getting "yes" from my followers :)

4.  UFOs/WIP 


Quilter's Garden
My little wall hanging has grown into a quilt top. Label is finished. 
Need batting, have the backing.


Background fabrics assembled, design drawn and colored. Just needs to be stitched.
Fabrics have been chosen for the other four blocks.



Spring Row-Along

Progress made on stitching the picket fence and making the outer-most border.


I think this is block number five in this series.
Adorable :) 
I think this is my favorite so far.


Another block has been finished.

Scrap Vortex Blocks - Quilt As You Go 

9. (new)

Mini Counted Crosstitch
Not a lot of progress, but every stitch counts and I'm just not pushing myself very hard on this one.

10. UFOs/WIP

12 Days of Christmas 
Top is assemble, sandwiched and ready to quilt. It goes on the rack after the Little Houses are done (and I worked on that on Saturday). I've designed the label, but want to stitch at least part of it.

So I managed to do a little more than just touch all of my goals for February.

Thanks for your moral support and feedback - it all helps to keep me motivated and productive.

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