Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Dance !!!!!

(from Yahoo)

Met BF for breakfast and our "?" get-together. We don't get to meet up as often as we like, so we don't have a set time frame, however we do try at least every other week. We have breakfast and some fellowship time, then head over to JoAnn's and use their classroom to get some "together" work done.

Anyway, we accomplished a lot !!!!

This is a really bad picture, but we got Bethlehem sandwiched !!!

Then we moved on to work on a flannel quilt she's making from scraps. We sandwiched that one about a month ago and I suggested we spend as much time as we could tying it. She was absolutely thrilled. So we are going to try and get togehter at least every other week to get that one finished and see what else we can accomplish. 

The mailman visited while I was out. I got gorgeous squishy mail . . . 

Hometown Girl designed by Pat Sloan

I don't often get to purchase fabric this way - all bundled and prettily packaged. But in June (I think that's the date) there is a new quilt along with Jacquelynne Steves using this fabric. I love Jacquelynne's designs and this fabric is being used and I fell in love with it too. So new quilt on the horizon :)

Another wonderful surprise . . .

A new pattern from Allie Harmon.
You have to hurry, this one is FREE but only until March 20. Can't wait to work on this one. It is the perfect little finish in-between those larger, quilt size projects. I think it's just adorable. Thank you, Allie :)

Allie and I are neighbors so to speak. She posted that they are expecting 6-10 inches of snow. We have rain today. So much so, that I was looking of Noah's ark to lease.

my backyard !!!!

Our snow is coming on Thursday - sounds like it might be a good day to stay home and work on a quilt :)

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Allie-oops Designs said...

Yay for getting Bethlehem sandwiched!!! And yay for your gorgeous squishy mail, I hadn't seen that line, I'll have to look it up. I don't usually get fabric like that either - I tend to go scrappy - but I have a fq bundle of Aloha Girl that I'm dying to break into. The nice thing is no hunting for coordinates. I'm glad you like Spring, mine is mocking me, while the ground outside is covered with snow, lol! We didn't get much, about 5 inches, mostly rain and sleet - but north of us they got a lot. You sure did get some rain, girl!

Anonymous said...

Love that fabric you bought. I thought I would make those blocks, but I'm not liking them enough to spend the time, sadly. I was just going to use scraps, though. Congratulations on getting Bethlehem sandwiched! And the label made.