Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekly Goal Report

I love visitors to my garden - especially when they don't eat the produce :)

It's been a fairly decent week for me, though I haven't been able to blog all week, I did manage to get some things done.

Goals for the week of 9/18/16

1.  UFO - pin cushion - DONE


2.  Roman Shade - Sadly, no progress again. I'm taking it off the list and it will just end up as one of those bonus projects when it finally gets completed.

3.  Christmas PJs - DONE

4.  Farm Girl Vintage - DONE

All 12 blocks are now assembled, the idea for the finished top has been decided and designed, and I have 20 nine-patches to that end finished, as well.

5.  Log Cabin - prepare block for stitching. 
I started working on this, but not far enough to post a picture.

Thursday, BF and I got together. We had a great time catching up, reminiscing, eating, showing off projects, sharing ideas and memories. As is our usual practice, we seem to end up with a new project. This week was no exception :)

I don't really need a new quilt, but this one is just too cute to pass up. I'm running with the "kissing" theme and adding some cute Valentine's fabric I had stashed and no project assigned to it. 

I spent the evening coming up with a layout for the top and decided I needed three more "sheep" blocks. They came six to the package for around $4.00 (clearance pricing - such a wonderful thing). So Friday morning I packed myself up and went to get another pack. BF has already said she would take the other three off my hands.

These are a wonderful size - 18 inches !!!! So they will make fun, large blocks. My complimentary fabrics are a yard each, which will give me four large blocks out of each.

I've decided on a 10 inch deep row in between the 18 inch rows, but I still need to get that fabric. This will be making this a 90 plus inches of finished quilt. Perfect for my queen size bed. I've already begun to do the stitching on the first block. 

Thanks for stopping by

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


Anonymous said...

The sheep are cute, for sure. Love the spider pic and the pincushion. You did quite a bit this week ... last week. =)

Wendyb said...

you're going great guns Edi! good on you! I LOVE the kissing sheep and can't wait to see how it all turns out! Perfect for your bed! xox sugary hugs my friend :o)