Friday, December 23, 2016

Winding down . . .

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I found some free time at the beginning of the week and managed to crank out a couple more PJ bottoms . . . one for Honey Do and one for me :)

Part of Newton's morning on Friday was running to JoAnn's with me and choosing his own fabric. He doesn't know that I will be cranking them out Friday night so he can open them for Christmas.

We took Friday morning just to play. We went to JoAnn's, the grocery store, a new department store Newton wanted to check out and McDonald's for snacks . . . Trying to have fun, I ordered happy meals for us :) He was a little embarassed, but you could tell that he liked seeing the fun side of mom :)

So for the rest of the weekend, we will be enjoying family time together, family time with Mom/Oma and cousins.

We want to wish everyone a blessed and happy Christmas, with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Friday! More of that would be good for both of you. I order Happy Meals, and their equivalent, all the time. It's the perfect size, and the price is happy, too! I suppose you will be sewing tonight, then? Or last night? I'm glad you have a wonderful family day planned tomorrow! Merry Christmas.