Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mid-Week Progress Report

We dodged the bullet on the last snow storm to come running through on it's way to the east coast. We were forecast for up to a foot on Tuesday, this photo is from Wednesday morning. A lot of snow had blown and drifted away. The worst part is how cold it has gotten, but then this is a noreaster - north winds blowing hard and very cold. 

I had the day off on Wednesday and did my best to take full advantage of it. With working so much lately, it's been hard keeping up on everything - especially household chores, but one must prioritize :)

So here is where I am:

I continue to work on another sheep block. If they take me two weeks to complete, I'm ok with that because there are other projects I want to work on as well.


I finally chose my fabric and laid out the pattern.

This took almost all morning to draw off. It's going to be a long slow process. But I LOVE it already.

I received the ribbon in the mail, so I'm even more excited to get started on the stitching. Not to mention I finished this week's goal of the "Sheep" block.

 I also managed to get the Valentine's bears put away and some Easter bunnies out.

Makes me happy.

Looks like Thursday will be a day off too, so I'll get my corned beef and cabbage supplies together so it can go in the crockpot Friday morning, I want to dig out my aunt's sewing machine and see if it needs to go in for service. It's been packed away for a number of years and it's time to start using it. It's a much heavier machine and should be able to handle the quilting that my little Brother can't . . . or won't.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

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Allie-oops Designs said...

Glad the snow missed you! Remember, housework only comes before sewing in the dictionary...Love the stitchery!