Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Humid days

Early Monday morning, 3 a.m. ish, a thunder storm rolled through. It must have been short because I went right back to sleep. The rains are welcome, especially for the vegetable garden, but the humidity, not so much.

I made decent progress on the binding for the Redwork on Sunday. It would have been unbearable on my lap with all the humidity and 85 degree temperatures, so I folded it and did the hand sewing on the dining room table.

I got the blocks for the "Church Quilt" colored Sunday night sitting in the Lazy Boy trying to watch a movie. When I got to hot, I went back to the quilt where there was a nice breeze coming in the dining room window.

These quilt blocks were being colored by my third and fourth grade Sunday School class for the children's minister. I'm going to work on it over the summer and we'll present it to her for Pastor appreciation month in October. We used Sharpie and fabric markers. We did a community service project a few years ago using this method and they came out great. The fabric and markers were donated by one of my co-leaders. Therefore, I volunteered to make the quilt and supply the finishing fabrics.

I thought I had everything I needed to work on Easter, but as I started I decided I wanted a different sashing.

Last week on a visit to Pat Catan's I discovered a new fabric department. It's not huge but it does have a really nice selection of "blenders". These are my favorite fabrics to work with. They are a good quality and with my rewards card only $4.99/yard !!!

My goal was to get the pieces assembled Monday and after purchasing the purple print, I set about doing just that. The fabric I used to select my floss colors with which to stitch is going to be the backing because it was just to busy for the stitching and embellishing I did in this project. I managed to not only assemble but sandwiched and pin this little project.

Tuesday morning I got my sewing time in early with some mending and then quilted the Easter wall hanging. I am so pleased with the way this turned out.  
Honey Do left around 10 a.m. for his business trip. I have my laundry and other household chores done and planned simple meals with Newton. I want to spend as much time on my goals this week as possible.

I worked diligently between the sheep and Easter all of Tuesday.
All that was left on Easter was the binding.

The wall hanging is DONE :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you days filled with creativity and productivity.


Allie-oops Designs said...

We have five days of 90's coming, with thunderstorms, so ugh I feel your pain, lol. Love those flowers for the church quilt. Your little Easter quilt turned out so darling, love the binding fabric it frames it so well!

Anonymous said...

The wall-hanging is so cute! Have a wonderful sewing week!