Friday, June 2, 2017

Hump Day Slump

Wednesday began in a bit of a slump. I had an appointment first thing and knew that I'd be gone most of the morning. Makes for a rough start because it puts everything behind.

I got home by 11, took the dogs out for a bit. The weather is perfect - sunshine, breezy, low 70s - absolutely perfect. I spent about 30 minutes weeding, got my sewing time in on the quilt and worked on another sheep block. I only have three left to do and then another quilt to assemble.

After Wednesday's slump and a change in plans for Thursday (BF and I were supposed to visit), I decided I wasn't going to feel unsatisfied with my day. I met my daily goals on Wednesday but felt empty and unfulfilled. To that end, I changed my approach to the day and had laundry started before Honey Do pulled out of the driveway for work and dinner dishes were put away. Yes, I leave them in the drainer to dry :)

I love Debbie Macomber and am rewatching Cedar Cove on Netflix. The best thing about watching something again is you can mostly listen while you stitch.

Daily goal: 30 mins - Done

Work continues on the Redwoark. I've moved from sashing to the borders. One long side done.

Daily goal:  30 mins sewing - Done

I took some time before it got to warm to bake some muffins. I don't bake much these days in an effort to eat healthier, but I found this recipe on a cereal box. Along with bran flakes, there's bananas and walnuts.

A got a phone call on Wednesday from an organization seeking donations of clothing and household goods. What a wonderful excuse to clean out closets and such. I'm long overdue and have been putting the project off. Now's a good time before it gets back into the 80s and 90s to work in the spare bedroom. I'm expecting a visit in August and want to reorganize an redecorate, maybe even get the painting done that I planned a year ago and never got to.

Thursday was another perfect day. I have found that I can get my laundry washed, line-dried and put away before dinner if I start early enough. Saves on the gas bill and gets the pups and myself outside a bit more and more often. I put up a second line to make the process more efficient.

While I was out with the second load of laundry, 

we had a visitor :)

The purple flowers - spider wort - are transplants from my garden last year.

So I'm going to take the weekend to play catch up at home and get Honey Do ready for his trip next week. See you on Monday :)

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.


Allie-oops Designs said...

I put my dishes away when I first get up, while I'm waiting for my coffee - they dry overnight in the dishwasher. Get the laundry started, too. I LOVE having stuff done by 7am, lol. Now that my youngest gets HOME at 9am, it's even more important, because he'll be sleeping and I have to be quiet! I'm not brave enough to hang my laundry out - the deer would probably eat it anyway, or a bird would target it. I'm scared of bugs. But not beautiful butterflies like you snapped! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I always drain my dishes. My dishwasher has been broken for two years, and I miss it with the boys hit or miss idea of washing their dishes. I sort of hide my glasses at the back of the cabinet! LOL You get a lot done in any day, it just isn't always what you wish you were doing. That's a gorgeous butterfly. So were the muffins good?